ARTOTEL Sanur’s Lidah Lokal Serving You Local Indulgence Round-The-Clock

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ARTOTEL Sanur’s Lidah Lokal
Serving You Local Indulgence Round-The-Clock

Bali, 11 April 2019. Lidah Lokal, ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali’s Restaurant of Authentic Indonesian Cuisine; a fine union of art and an exceptional archipelago dining experience. Being one of the only restaurants in Sanur that is open 24 hours, and therefore has a special supper menu available in the early hours of the morning. Residents of Sanur are welcomed to prepare themselves for a new flavour in town. Lidah Lokal special promotions, providing entertainment, local dishes as well as an environment that embraces art and design.

Furthermore, Lidah Lokal fuses Indonesian authentic food with traditional style of cooking. Specialties include: “Rendang Bitterballen”, assorted grilled Satay with various selection of sauce from different region in Indonesia such as Sate Ayam Saos Kacang and Sate Sapi Maranggi (West – Java), Sate Sapi Plecing (Lombok), Sate Lilit (Bali), Sate Sapi Saos Padang (West Sumatra), Sate buntul (Central Java), Sate Tempeh Colo-Colo (Maluku) and its Sambal variations. The restaurant also hosts various themed dinners daily, by offering an authentic Indonesian dining experience that serves local authentic food, accompanied by live entertainment. Additionally, there will be Cocktail Carnival every Friday, serving various cocktail flavours from 6pm – 8pm at 125K nett only. A few other offers that you would not want to miss are at Lidah Lokal are Sangria Fiesta and Seafood Night. There is always something special at every hour of the day and makes Lidah Lokal the place to be.

Mr. Goya A. Mahmud, General Manager of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, said:
“Lidah Lokal is a new concept of Indonesian authentic cuisine highlighting the traditional flavours from across the archipelago. It is the perfect place for everyone; the locals and the non-locals to experience the taste of indigenous palate and at the same time enjoying the artsy and the lush outdoor setting.”

For more information on all of the activities and events an email can be sent to fb.sanur@artotelindonesia.com and information can be found on Instagram @lidahlokalsanur

About ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali

Located 25 minutes away from the International Airport of Ngurah Rai and 3 minutes walking distance from the beach, ARTOTEL Sanur-Bali brings vibrancy and colour to the island’s favourite seaside village. This lifestyle-brand hotel is a canvas showcasing thought-provoking works by some of the most relevant Bali-based contemporary artists of today. A total of 89 rooms, with 1 MEETSPACE that is able to accommodate up to 30 pax, and supporting lifestyle facilities such as Lidah Lokal, Rooftop Pool & Bar (BART), as well as rotation ARTSPACE that will satisfy the needs of millennial travellers looking for a refreshingly different Bali experience.

About ARTOTEL Group

ARTOTEL Group is an Indonesian company comprised of 3 integrated business units of Hospitality, Event Management, and Merchandise with a vision to introduce local creative community to the world. With its expertise in hospitality industry, the company offers selections of hotel brands ranging from budget, boutique to luxury collections to accommodate all layers of target market in primary and secondary cities across Indonesia, namely ARTOTEL, BOBOTEL, and CURATED COLLECTION; while in Food & Beverage it provides management service for Beach Club, named ARTOTEL BEACH CLUB (ABC). Through Event Management (ARTOTEL PROJECT SERIES / APS), the company would like to deliver its service in organizing various art and creative social events as well as searching young emerging Indonesian artists for potential collaboration. In its continuous effort to promote the works of local artists, ARTOTEL Group brings AOL as curated merchandise, a series of uniquely artistic merchandise for daily use or wear in a very affordable price.bali inspirasi


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