Arya Trimni Putra Preparing For The Guinness Book of Record Event

Bali Inspirasi.DENPASAR – BALI, After successfully delivering Arya Trimni Putra broke the MURI record by painting 1000 abstract paintings in just 30 days, now I Made Putra Suardana, founder of Arya Art World, is preparing to bring Arya back to breaking recordsnewest.Unmitigated, the challenge he will carry out this time is the Guinness Book of Record record, to paint 2000 paintings in 30 days. This action will be carried out in Denmark in May 2019.

“Then we are preparing to go to Denmark, we get an invitation from Dennis Rise in Denmark who is preparing for the Guinness Book of Record event,” said Putra Suardana in Denpasar, Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

“Later there, Mas Arya, this will break his own record while breaking the world record of 2000 paintings in 30 days,” added the man with dreadlocks who is familiarly called Jro Mangku Dukuh.

then he explained that, different from when breaking the MURI record a while ago. The solution to the Guinness Book of Records in Denmark will be more challenging, apart from the number doubling, in terms of time per day he will only work for 12 hours.

“We must follow the time determined by painting for 12 hours a day. That is, Mas Arya will have to finish at least 68 to 70 abstract paintings in a day to reach 2,000 paintings in 30 days, “he explained.

while related to the preparation, Arya Trimni Putra claimed to only prepare his physical and mental readiness, because all his needs would have been prepared from the committee and coordinated by Arya Art World led by Made Putra Suardana.

“Arya himself said he was optimistic he could break the new record for himself,” he explained.

“The preparation is physical and mental and especially how to adapt to the differences in weather in Denmark and Indonesia,” explained Arya Trimini Putra.

Meanwhile, Arya Trimni Putra also expressed his appreciation and thanks to Made Putra Suardana as the founder of Arya Art World who had facilitated him both in his action to break the MURI record some time ago, and also for the opportunity to register his name in the world record bookGuinness Book of Records.”I beg for your prayers and support, I hope this can run smoothly and hopefully I can break this record,” said Arya. bali inspirasi.


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