Badung Tourism Promotion

Tourism Service of Badung Regency is attending tourism promotion events overseas which is planned to be in March 2014, namely, in Berlin and also in Australia (three tourism promotion events).

This is a routine promotion planned by Tourism Service of Badung Regency which is surely in coordination with the Tourism Office of Bali Provincial, which aims to promote tourism in Badung Regency.

In addition to overseas promotion, Disparda also plans to join tourism promotion in the country, namely in Jakarta in April and May 2014.

“We join AKASI and Gebyar Nusantara events which are Indonesian Festival on tourism in Jakarta Convention Center.” Cok Raka Darmawan, the Chief of Tourism Service of Badung Regency said on Monday (6/1).

Cok Darmawan further added that his party has always supported the festivals or events on tourism promotion especially in Badung Regency and keeps explore tourism potency in the area.

One of them is the Pandawa Beach Festival in Kutuh Village held on the day before the turn of the year.

In his opinion, Pandawa Beach has tremendous potential and is predicted as a very attractive destination to visit.

“to support the potency of Pandawa Beach, our party makes facilities, such as, restrooms and locker rooms. While from travelers’ security side, we established two Balawisata Posts.” Cok Darmawan added.

He also added that Tourism Service of Badung budgeted about Rp. 2 billion taken from Regional Budget to join various opportunities to promote tourism in the region.

“We also join the event of Cultural Office which is planned in September, which of course, for tourism promotion, namely, in the event of Lifeguard World Competition.” Cok Darmawan ended. (alt)

The Potency of Tourism Objects
Gianyar has 61 tourist attractions pursuant to the Decree of Gianyar Regent No. 420 of 2008, and up to the present 17 tourists attractions have been developed and the rest are very potential to be developed.
The existing tourism objects among others are 19 objects of archaeological heritage, 15 cultural tourisms, 7 nautical tourism objects, 12 natural objects, 5 recreation tourism objects, 2 ecotourism and 1 youth attraction. The existence of these objects are almost evenly in the 7 Districts in Gianyar Regency.

Art Potency
Gianyar has a myriad of the greatest artists in the entire region of Gianyar equipped with stages managed by art studios and individuals who are ready to welcome tourists.
The existing art potency includes dance, music/gamelan, painting, vocal and art work. Among the artists have often performed overseas as a tourism ambassador in order to develop and introduce our culture outside our country as well as an effort to develop business relationship between neighboring countries.

The Potency of Museum
In order to welcome Visit Museum Year 2010, the Government of Gianyar Regency, especially, Tourism Service has recorded the existence of museum is an invaluable asset.
Gianyar Regency has the most museums among districts/municipalities in Bali Province, including Archaeological Museum, Rudana, Neka, Blanco, Museum of Ratna Warta Painting, Arma, Pendet Museum and Museum of Runa Jewellery.
Foreign and domestic tourist visits to the museum is increasing which is proved that in last 2009 there were 75301 visitors visiting the museums.

Marine and Water Tourism
Gianyar Regency has a very interesting marine tourism object to visit such as, Ayung river with its white water rafting, beaches stretching to the south, such as, Lebih Beach with its traditional fishermen and culinary tourism with satay and grilled fish, Keramas Beach with its waves which are very suitable for tourists who love surfing, Cucukan, Masceti, Lembeng and others.

Recreational Tourism
For recreational tourism, Gianyar Regency has Elephant Park Tourism Object in Taro Village as the best Elephant Park in Asia providing services of international standard with panoramic unspoiled and alluring Taro Village. In addition, there is also a bird park which is located in the village of Batuan Batubulan, Reptile Park in Singapadu Village and most recently Bali Safari and Marine Park located in the village of Serongga which is the largest Safari Park in eastern part of Indonesia with various collections of wild animals and mammals living freely in specially designed habitats so visitors feel as if they are in their natural habitat.

The Potency of Tourism Facilities
To welcome tourists to Gianyar Regency, the government, private and public parties have worked together in coordinated matter to develop sustainable tourism infrastructure, which surely based on the applicable Regulations and Legislations.

Based on the latest data in Gianyar Regency, there are 16 star hotels, 157 Melati Hotel, 571 Pondok Wisata, 32 restaurants, 236 bistro, 77 Bars and 51 Public Recreations and Leisures. PR of Gianyar Regency (alt)



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