Bali International Brides Festival or BIBFES

Bali, August 2017 — One fine Saturday, 12 August 2017, from the indulgence of Leisure Club of TS Suites, Bali’s leading lifestyle premise; Mahligai Murni Mulia officially announced their unique event, Bali International Brides Festival or BIBFES, which is scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2017 or 25-26 November 2017 to be precisely. This exclusive two-day extravagance is expected to bring all the happily-married couples and love-birds together to engage in enriching activities. There will be five excitements among other : Indonesia’s inaugural Bridalympics with an array of physically-challenging but light-hearted sporting pursuits in a romantic setting; the highly-cultural Delamitra (Parade Pelaminan Tradisional) which is a parade of ethnic bridal setting (thrones) from all over Indonesia and other countries; Romantic Wheels, a competition of wedding car decorating; and Mahasmara Ball, a lavish milestone gala-dinner to celebrate the victorious long-marriage which will also feature Starry Brides Awards, a noble recognition for the significant marriage heroines. Bali is a dream wedding destination gifted with natural beauty and a romantic aura. The island has long appealed to brides from all over the world and now they will have the chance to return to where their destiny began. BIBFES provides a forum for all the “Bali-wedding-alumni” to have a quality funfilled time together. BIBFES promises to be an inspirational event that embraces all the divine values of marriage and also aspires to praise the victory of accumulated years of marriage not just the euphoria of its beginning. This what makes BIBFES stand out from the rest of wedding events. The launching event which was titled The Unveiling, was graced by the attendance of several government officers such as Mrs Anggia Ermarini and Mrs Umi Wahyuni from Ministry of Sports and Youth (or KEMENPORA Republik Indonesia), Mr Nyoman Wardawan and Mr Putu Agus Yudiantara from the Bali Government Tourism Office (DISPARDA Bali) as well as a number of Bali’s media and other guests who have expressed interest in the program. The national anthem Indonesia Raya, glorified the opening of press conference session followed by a touching speech by Mrs Anggia of Kemenpora and a program presentation by Maria Sesotya, BIBFES Chairlady. The after-reception presented a graceful “unveiling” procession by BIBFES executives adorned by Monika Weber’s gorgeous gowns in white, silver and gold hues; a fashion show of Bridalympics “sporty-romantic” costumes by TStore (the high-end couture galore of TS Suites) and topped by Minterious show as a grand finale, performed by BIBFES executives featuring Monika.


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