Bali Sufi Gathering-The Ocean of Love in Jerman Beach Kuta Bali

Bali Inspirasi.Jerman Beach-Kuta.Bali Sufi Gathering ( BSG) 2020: “ The Ocean of Love”*


Dancing of Sufi

With a beautiful date and year this time, will be held for the first time a cultural event in the brainstorm of the inspiration of the three main roads on the path of this archipelago historical story. The three are silk roads, Mahardhika directly streets and cultural roads.


The Bali Sufi Gathering (BSG) 2020 as the Festival director is Yoyok Harness, a sitar artist and Distilled alumni of Karnataka University of Dharward India and Halim Sitar Academy Bombay. As an advisor is Sulinggih Cokorda Kusuma Wardhana, Mrs. Robin Lim and Muhammad Rafli. And in the curatory by Prof. Irwansyah Harahap.

The performers are already popular in Indonesia and the international sufistic world such as Debu, Ras Muhamad, Bhismo KunoKini, Tebo Aumbara, Yoyok Harness, Tahir, The Bingi Roots Reaggae. Puspanjali dance from Bali, Rodat Gelgel Bali, Reog from Ponorogo, a Sufi Gubug from Malang.

Then there was the I-puppet from Bali and the musician Anjar Duta from Jakarta. As well as a collaboration from Ketut Arya and Gus Alis with dancers and musicians who are both ancient Balinese characters and calligraphy.


Located on the Jerman Beach-Kuta Bali. The location, which keeps a long and meaningful history for the island of the gods. The first Jerman Beach is the main port of Kuta and is one of the gates, the world window of the Island of Gods to the archipelago and foreign countries. It is thus with the vision and dream of the Balinese Sufi Gathering held.

BSG Committee consisting of dance artists, music, culture and cultural arts enthusiasts in Bali and Jakarta agreed to give the theme of the Bali Sufi Gathering this inaugural “The Ocean of Love”. Of course, this abundant love ocean is a manifestation of sufism that is in the form of literary, visual, musical and directed into a wave of energy capable of stirring the hearts of our fellow men and the universe in a fully overflow of love harmony and peace.

In order to materialize from our mission, these sufistic elements are detailed to achieve goals or objectives such as Bali Sufi Gathering to preserve and introduce the art of the archipelago’s sufi culture to the international world, establishing synergy with the art of sufi culture abroad, digging and giving information to the community will be sufistic local wisdom on The Island of Gods.

Then in order to grow the spirit of the younger generation to the life of cultural art that cultivates the love of fellow man and the last is to give noble values and value more in spiritual life, and the economic and educational fields are beneficial For the wider community, especially Bali as the best tourism destination in Indonesia.

Before being at the core Bali Sufi Gathering 2020 at the German coast on 20 February 2020, the Committee had a pre-event in the form of visit to Desa Gelgel Klungkung Bali and prayer at the Pura Linggam Cala Kurma Raja in Pecatu.

There will be many surprises from the performers and of course let’s witness together a special cultural event and become a gathering event as a form of love of this country and take care of this glorious archipelago.

Please come to the Jerman Beach, Segara Adat village, Kuta, Badung-Bali. Invite friends and family together to spread the vibrations of love and peace. This is a non-profit event and is held by the collaboration and synergy of various communities in the province of Bali.bali inspirasi


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