Balinese Culinary Experience at Ayodya Resort Bali

Nusa Dua, 16th June 2017 – Ayodya Resort Bali announced details of the new themed event“Balinese Culinary Experience” to promote the Authentic Balinese Cooking at Waterfall Restaurant. This event is in conjunction with the biggest annual arts festival in Bali “Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB)”which promotes the Balinese cultural heritage from traditional dances, authentic Balinese cuisines, and arts to preserve and celebrate the existing culture which is rich and heterogeneous.

This Culinary Festival will start from June 10th until July 18th 2017 at 11.30am – 09.00pm with the major hype from the society all over Bali about PKB, Ayodya would love to bring the great festive inside the resort and celebrate the rich tastes of Balinese cuisines by specifying it to “Balinese Culinary Experience” event.

As a resort which resembles a quintessential Balinese architectural style and elegance, Ayodya Resort Bali is suitable for a Balinese-themed festival including this year’s event “Balinese Culinary Experience”, which does not only present the most-well-known cuisines of the island, but also some exotic cultural shows to accompany you during this “Balinese Food Journey”.

This event itself is designed for you to having a “stall hopping and dining” experience since Ayodya will provide some food stalls which represent the nine regencies of Bali from Singaraja, Bangli, Tabanan, Karangasem, Badung, Gianyar, Denpasar, Negara and Klungkung. Each of these stalls will bring diverse aroma and ingredients from the signature dishes of each region. Walking around and find wide variation of authentic Balinese cuisines are served, from Tipat Kuah, Nasi Sela, Sate Bali, Ayam Betutu and many more.

This event is expected to attract worldwide guests to discover and taste the authentic Balinese culinary in Ayodya Resort as a kingdom of hospitality.

For bookings and reservations email reservation@ayodyaresortbali. com or telephone +62-(0)361 771102


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