Best Spa Deals at Your Fingertips

Bali, 24 July 2016,The spa industry has come a long way in recent years, gaining market share and respectability along the way and yet, it is still in itself considered a trend by many. To those of us in the industry it is in fact, a profitable business that is sustainable and more to the point, adds incremental revenue to the bottom line. Asia-Pacific is the top region ranked by the number of spas (32,451) and ranks second in terms of spa revenues ($18.8 billion) and spa employment (614,202 employees). Asia-Pacific has registered the highest increase in the number of spas since 2007, adding more than ten thousand spas during this period. The number of hotel/resort spas more than doubled in Asia-Pacific from 2007-2013. Indonesia has 1668 number of spas up to 2013 and now has rapid growth in recent years

Meanwhile, in recent years, more people around the world have begun to recognize the importance of wellness – a trend which has seen the value of the industry increase year-on-year. The various segments making up the wellness industry are diverse and include the spa industry.

Understanding  the situation and needs of the Spa Industries today, Eazy Spa Deals has devised a platform for Spas to advertise and promote their product online.

Developed in early 2016 , Eazy Spa Deals is the online destination to find and book Spa & wellness services. We make it possible to order Spa & wellness services as easily as it is to book a hotel, buy a plane ticket, or order a taxi. Guests will be able to discover new Spa, book appointments online and get inspired. Spa can showcase their product, connect with new and existing guests and grow their business.

Eazy Spa Deals leading search tools help you find spa treatments and packages and compare spas within Indonesia quickly and easily. Booker can purchase a single treatment, exclusive combo packages, or versatile gift certificates shopping at Eazy Spa Deals. With up-to-date customer reviews and ratings we aim to give booker as much information as also can help to make the best decision for the booker.

With the tag line “ Best Spa Deals at Your Fingertips” , Eazy Spa Deals makes k20847074spa-searching quick and easy, allowing the entire spa experience to be relaxing, from the search to the hour of bliss. Your next spa trip or timely gift is just a few simple clicks away!

Eazy Spa Deals is based in Bali. We have many different spa partners spread across Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and other major cities in Indonesia.

Over the past few months, we notice that there is demand in the market for a professional and reliable outcall spa operator. Therefore, recently Eazy Spa Deals has expanded it’s operation into B2B market by becoming a spa operator in partnership with selected spas catering to Hotels and Villas.

“ Eazy Spa Deals is the easiest way to reach a global audience for Spas & Wellness Center.

Fast, easy sign up process with no registration fees for Spas

Eazy Spa Deals  aim to be the number one Internet provider for discount Spas & Wellness product.

Eazy Spa Deals makes spa-searching quick and easy, allowing the entire spa experience to be relaxing, from the search to the hour of bliss. Your next spa is just a few simple clicks away!  “ said    J. Paul Tedjojuwono the founder of Eazy Spa Deals


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