Biznet Participates In Sustainable Ocean Care Through Biznet Mooring Buoy CSR Program

Bali Inspirasi.Tanjung Benua-Bali.Biznet Participates In Sustainable Ocean Care Through Biznet Mooring Buoy CSR Program.

Bagus Wicaksono Senior Manager Sales Regional East – Biznet Networks explains that the buoy is a floating device used to identify the mooring facility for the docking boat. Tied to a rope and a concrete block. “Initially local fishermen would use random materials such as plastic bottles or Jerry cans as markers. From an aesthetic point of view it looks messy and unprofessional”. “Biznet came up with this idea for a cleaner, tidier looks so that visitors can enjoy the oceans even more, not thinking that the surrounding waters are full of rubbish”. Bagus adds.


February -12 -2020 Biznet  in the efforts to support Indonesia’s marine sustainability program, in the waters of Bali and surrounding areas, by donating 150 sets of mooring buoys to be distributed to boat owners in the marine reserve in the waters of Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Singaraja and Padang Bai in Karang Asem.


“ We feel it is important to support Biznet’s activities in supporting the marine conservation program as a form of our concern for the environment in which we are, as we have done in Bali. This CSR activity is expected to help prevent the anchors thrown onto the coral reef carelessly in the waters of Bali. We provide mooring buoys to boat owners in several locations in Bali that we have chosen, “said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.


Based on data obtained from WWF; Indonesia’s coral reefs reach 75,000 km2 which is around 12 15% of the world’s coral reefs. In the last 50 years, Indonesia’s coral reefs have experienced sharp degradation, and shows that only 30% of coral reefs in Indonesia are in good condition, 37% are in moderate condition and the remaining 33% are severely damaged. These damages are generally caused by natural factors and human activities, which in turn have a direct impact on the loss of coral reefs and the gradual break of the ecosystem chain and ultimately impact on humans.


In areas that have high activity intensity, the chance of damage to coral reefs becomes much greater, which can have a direct effect on the decline in surrounding resources and the loss of aesthetic value under the sea which can actually provide economic added value through tourism services such as in Bali. That is why the presence of coral reefs must be maintained so that the ecosystem can take place in a sustainable manner, one of which is by reducing the activity of anchor anchoring on coral reefs carelessly.

Is there any technology out there to reduce the damage to coral reefs? Mooring buoys are an alternative to reduce damage to coral reefs. Mooring buoy is a floating device that serves as a marker to show regional differences, or markers to drop anchors and at the same time as a pointer for a ship to dock.

There are many factors why many ships become environmentally unfriendly due to their habit of throwing anchors so carelessly that they risk damaging the surrounding coral reefs. One of the actions that can be regulated is by preparing a designated place for safe mooring for the ship, its passengers and for the surrounding environment. Biznet’s effort in this case is to raise awareness of fishing communities / boat owners by providing Mooring Buoy so that boat owners can tether their boats in a safe place and not disturbing the ecosystem.

As part of this effort, Biznet has prepared 150 sets of mooring buoys to be distributed to ship owners in marine reserve areas such as water areas in Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Singaraja and Padang Bai. The Biznet Mooring Buoy Program is a program that aims to save marine and coastal ecosystems, especially coral reefs. The kick start mooring buoy distribution event was held at Tanjung Benoa Beach Nusa Dua on Wednesday 12 February 2020 by distributing 25 units of mooring buoys to two marine tourism operators in the area namely Bayu Suta Water Sport and Basuka Watersport.

“ We started this program by collecting data of ships that often enter certain areas where the buoys would be moored and then provided the required devices. We also expect that in its continuation, a mooring buoy user group will be formed involving the local government and area managers such as marine tourism managers and the fishermen community, where one of the tasks of this group is to collect data and maintain the mooring buoy that Biznet has provided Adi Kusma added.

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