Blue Bear Bali: The New All-Age Destination in Ubud

Blue Bear Bali, a new destination for kids, youngsters, families and
adventures in Ubud is pleased to announce it is open for operation. This aesthetically designed hub is a space where sport, arts, music as well as cultural, educational and culinary experiences lie under the bamboo roof built by one of the local Banjar’s reputable figures.

Situated just across Penestanan, known for its lush greeneries and
calming ambience as it is nearby Campuhan and Nyuh Kuning, Blue Bear is a perfect spot for those who look for nature and art where is afar from traffic and mass tourism.

The grand opening celebration will take place on October 6, 2018 offering an array of activities ranging from traditional blessing ceremony, fun activities and local band performances including Reno Pratama, The Bardogs and TSABA Band. Amidst the
mystical ambience of Bj Kutuh Sayan, Ubud, guests will witness the whole package of Blue Bear has to offer.

First and foremost is the Skatepark which is the first Skate School in Ubud promoting green skate movement. The movement is an initiative where skaters can play for free by bringing 10 items of plastic waste. Sayan Hidup, the waste management company of the Banjar takes care of the waste collected and turns them into profit which later is recognized as the donation contributed by skaters.

To complement the experience,
Blue Bear also builds the first skate shop in Ubud, supplying skaters with selected quality skates, shirts and accessories.

“Blue Bear is designed to appeal all age groups to support a broader variety of local businesses, to empower young generations from across the archipelago and the world, as well as to foster foreigners who travel or live with kids in Bali. Blue Bear wishes to be a hub where people can express their freedom towards skateboarding, music (which there will be a lot of music performance playing on our stage)and learning in the dedicated play-area. We would like to connect art, sport,music and education as the sign of supporting all communities with positive activities apart from participating in the green movement,” the conceptor behind Blue Bear Skatepark explains.

Around the stunning bamboo-structured building constructed by one of the most
experienced Bamboo contractors of the Island and local resident from BJ Kutuh, guests will embrace authentic local culture by a myriad of upcoming programs besides to
enjoy an affordable and authentic Italian cuisine at Kult and Italian Bar and Kitchen with a traditional Soul.

Kult brings Piadina, the most popular flatbread of Italy for the first
time to Indonesia along a state of art coffee brewed from an original Faema E 61, named “The Legend” of the coffee machines. Kult fully carries the local food culture of Indonesia by offering the most popular traditional dishes of the archipelago,
homemade, and daily prepared using original recipes and natural, fresh ingredients.

The core value Blue Bear holds in the present to future time lying on the people. Here, Blue Bear employs young generation — that is expected to shape a better future, from all over the archipelago from Sumatra, Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Lombok to Manado. Longing to be the house that accepts diversity, Blue Bear encourages them to bring their own stories to the hub, enriching the cultures.

“We want to reinforce the concept
of nurturing people to learn new skills daily, to serve wholeheartedly, and particularly to love our community,” concluded the conceptor in defining Blue Bear.


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