Buleleng Festival to Introduce Top Art Works of North Bali

BALIINSPIRASI.COM — Buleleng Festival (Bulfest) entered the third organization in this 2015. For the three times organization, Bulfest apparently still showed the characteristic of North Bali, especially in the fields of art, although in a number of events still impressed to accentuate merely on entertainment.  The opening of Bulfest of 2013, it was  enlivened by about a thousand dancers Teruna Jaya. Everyone knows that  Teruna Jaya dance is a typical dance of coloring to the history of the dance development in Bali. Teruna Jaya dance is a kekebyaran dance of which movement is dynamic and attractive. The dance created by Pan Wandres together with I Gede Manik illustrates the agile motion of charming youth. This dance is laid out very dynamically and expressively, in accordance with the characteristics of gamelan gong Kebyar. The emergence of this Teruna Jaya dance was an inspiration for the emergence of other kekebyaran dances, such as,  Margapati  Dance and Panji Semirang Dance created by I Nyoman Kaler in 1942.

In the second Bulfest in 2013 it was highlighted Nelayan (Fisherman) dance. This dance is also a cultural art icon of Buleleng which is not less popular than Teruna Jaya dance. This dance appeared around 1960s created by I Ketut Merdana of Kedis village, Busungbiu Sub-District. This dance depicted the life of fishermen at sea, this dance showed the movements of a fisherman, like rowing and throwing nets. It also illustrated humorously that to be a fisherman was not an easy job, such as, an illustration of  a fisherman was skewered with fish and rescued by his friends. This Nelayan dance was famous to Southern part of  Bali. The dance depicting human activities to support their life then inspired a similar dances in Bali.

On Bulfest of this 2015, held from August 4 to 8 August, it was performed 20 groups (sekaa) of gong Kebyar. Gong Kebyar is a very important pinnacle of Balinese gamelan creation. This Tabuh was established in Buleleng around 1913 to 1915. Gong Kebyar was first horrendous musical universe in Bali when gong Kebyar Mebarung was held in Jagaraga village, Sub-District of Sawan, in 1915.  Prior to 1915, Gong Kebyar was predicted to have developed, in the village of Bungkulan, Sawan Sub-District. The  performance of Buleleng art at the opening certainly made Bulfest be an event still maintaining the climate of artistic creation in Buleleng. With performance of the monumental works of art born in Buleleng, it is expected Bulfest could inspire artists of North Bali to continue to create new artworks.

The Chairman of Bulfest Committee and Head of Department of Culture and Tourism of Buleleng Gede Suyasa Gede said that the Bulfest  opening by performing the works of art presented massively (in bulk)  constituted an attempt to introduce the art works created by the skillful hands of North Bali artists. In the opening Buleleng Festival of 2015, tens of gong (gamelan) groups performed along Jalan Ngurah Rai. Dozens of gong groups performed in line on the main street in the city of Singaraja. “More or less, they will perform at Jalan Ngurah Rai along approximately 300 meters. We place each gong group on a special stage. One stage is up to 15 meters long,” he explained.

All gong groups must also prepare dancers who performed Teruna Jaya Dance and Wiranjaya Dance. Teruna Jaya dance represented the dance of East Buleleng pride, while Wiranjaya dance represented the icon of Western Buleleng society. (MAO)



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