Celebrate National Press Day at Artotel Sanur Bali

Bali Inspirasi.Sanur-Bali.Artotel Sanur an invited the Press Personnel to gather at the Hotel Artotel Sanur, to jointly celebrate the 74th anniversary national press day of the year. Sunday. 9th February 2020.


This activity was attended by members of the press, various media responded and invited by the manager of the Artotel Sanur, to celebrate on National Press Day which is celebrated every 9th February.


“We are very grateful to our fellow press members who have helped in every activity at the Artotel Sanur,” said Marcom, Shanty.

“So that this activity is a form of attention to the press members who have a lot of roles to convey information about the activities, which are carried out by Sanur Artotel,” she said.


Colleagues are deeply moved by the attention of Artotel sanur’s manager and other staff employees, feeling cared for.


Meanwhile, from the media colleagues, in the future there can be cooperation with the media so that it is well established, so that activities around Artotel can be spread in various regions and international “he said.

Furthermore, “We from the Sanur Artotel Manager and Employees Say Happy 74th Anniversary of the Press, which is celebrated on every 9th February , Hopefully in the future Personnel of Press and Various Media are always victory in the future” she said .bali inspirasi


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