Jakarta, January 2019 After the launch of ARTOTEL Groups F&B lifestyle concept under The Jive Society, now the team is back with something different, a Cocktail & Tapas Pairing during Chinese New Year and Valentines Day in every ARTOTEL property at Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Batu, and Bali.

The pairing of Cocktail & Tapas has been carefully curated by ARTOTEL Groups Corporate F&B Team. From the Cocktail and Tapas, each other will complement one another, in terms of the overall taste. Starting from February 4 10 2019, these are the Cocktail & Tapas Pairing from ARTOTEL :
Pig on the Wings 1977 with Potsticker
This cocktail inspirations came from Pink Floyd album in the year 1977, a perfect combination from Midori Vodka, Peach, and Raspberry essential. Paired with Chinese Potsticker, a well-known favorite Chinese dumpling.
Twelfth Zodiac with Soy Apple Glazed Short Ribs
A mixture of Vodka, Ginger, and Lemon Juice is telling a story of the 12th zodiac, Pisces, a fish that swims freely. Paired with grilled short ribs, coated with apple sauce to enhance every bits of flavors in your palate.

After being indulged with Cocktail & Tapas Pairing for Chinese New Year, now we are moving forward to celebrate Valentines Day. Starting from February 11 17 2019, these are the highlights:
The Aiko-ka with Beef Croquette
In Japanese means I LOVE YOU, The Aiko-Ka is a combination from Rum, Yuzu Sake, and topped with Basil, giving you the courage to say I LOVE YOU. Paired with Beef Croquette, you can feel the enhancement of our cocktail.
All Dressed-up with Nowhere To Go
All Dressed-up is a red snapper Remoulade tapas, paired with Nowhere To Go, a tequila based cocktail with Cucumber Shrub, and Cranberry Soda, giving you Hollywood scene for the evening.

Rizdian Siregar, Corporate F&B Director from ARTOTEL Group added, We are positive that these Cocktail & Tapas Pairing will be received well by our guests. These new Cocktail creations from our Bar Specialists, Abdi and Benito, paired with Signature Tapas from our Corporate Chef, Rendi, will make your Chinese New Year and Valentines Day celebration more meaningful. Our guests can find these pairings at all of our property throughout Indonesia.
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