Clarification of the Me Miles Application by PT Kam and Kam

Bali Inspirasi.Kuta-Clarification of the MeMiles Application, by PT Kam and Kam.

Bali – MeMiles Bali members provide clarification regarding the case being undertaken by PT Kam and Kam. That the MeMiles application is not a bulging application that offers investment businesses. During the Press Conference at the Meeting Room, Stark Boutique Hotel and Spa, Jalan. Kartika Plaza No.20 Tuban, Kuta, Bali. Hours: 10:00 am, Friday, January 24, 2020.

Yan Hendra said ,”the members felt they were not disadvantaged because before joining they already understood the concept of the MeMiles business, “‘he said.

According to Yan Hendra Some of the MeMiles members felt that they were greatly helped by the Memiles application so that they could help for their business, the members present were those from the UMKM background, “he explained.

Members hope that the MeMiles application can be active again so that members in other regions can continue to use the MeMiles application to get rewards. In addition, the members want to inform the public who have been wrong in understanding the concept of business services offered by the company. “Said Yan Hendra

Their members join voluntarily and there is no any seduction from other parties. Memiles application is a business guide for traveling advertising and digital-based marketplace where members can install slot services or ad slots that are used by members to provide Top Up in accordance with the advertisements being marketed and rewards obtained after the ad slots have reached the national target.

The reward that I will be able to buy ad sloot with ladder specified by the party So the members for participating in MeMiles have not yet received a reward For money that has been used for advertising, it cannot be returned, but if To put an ad costs 50 to 200, or there are 10 million to see the capabilities of each, The important thing is we can advertise .bali inspirasi


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