Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali,The Involvement of Artha Graha for Earth Hour


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Earth Hour action at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, begins with singing Indonesia Raya Songs,remarks from the General Manager, followed by a moment of silence for say a prayer to God Almighty,

after that it starts counting down together to outage all the lights in the hotel area for two full hours or 120 minutes, starting from o’clock 20.30 – 10:30 local time, then together we will sing the song, Heal the World from Michael Jackson, It’s earth hour from Annie Lynn and We are the world from Michael Jackson & Lionel

during the lights out, guests will feel a unique sensation during the Earth Buffet Dinner dinner, in the dim light of candles. Puspanjali and Cendrawasih, Fire Dance, and acoustic dances also enlivened this event.

About Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel
Located on the shores of Kuta Beach, Discovery Kartika Plaza is a luxurious five-star hotel with tropical views and enchanting natural beauty mingling with Balinese traditions.

in an 8-hectare oasis with lush tropical gardens, the resort offers a wide selection of 318 rooms including suites and luxurious beachfront villas, inspiring food choices, beachside weddings, extensive meeting and event venues, recreational facilitieslike Discovery Spa.Exclusive villas are located on a separate beach side and offer the convenience of privacy with personal service.
Artha Graha Peduli (AGP) and all Artha Graha Network (AGN) units participated in the movement to love Earth Hour on Saturday night (03/30/2019). the movement which was introduced by one of the environmental safeguards institutions, the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) in 2007 has been participated by around 170 countries including Indonesia.

“From year to year, energy-saving actions carried out by AGP and AGN in Earth Hour are increasingearth hour 2017, we can save energy by 62,000 Kwh, in 2018 it increases to 75,000 Kwh or equal to 67.5 tons Kwh and in 2019 it increases to 91,500 Kwh, “explained AGP Daily Chief Executive Heka Hertanto, Jakarta, Saturday (3/30) / 2019).

heka explained, this year AGP held activities at all AGN office points throughout Indonesia. This annual activity is to put out the lights for 2 hours from 8:30 a.m. 10:30 local time.

From this action for 2 hours, AGP can save energy equivalent to 85 tons of carbon
heka said, AGP fully supports the Earth Hour movement because it is in harmony with AGP’s first pillar of environmental preservation as an effort to reduce the impact of global warming.

according to the theme of the Earth Hour Jakarta campaign for WWF #BeliYangBaik, which means buying goods that are environmentally friendly. Buy long life and support products
local so reducing the amount of waste on earth.

this year the SCBD business area is the center of Earth Hour Indonesia for the Jakarta area. In previous years, Earth Hour had been centered at the Jakarta City Hall Office, Monas, Istora.

“The principle of Earth Hour, for a moment in the world, can reduce pollution and save energy and reduce the effects of climate change, reduce carbon dioxide emissions as a trigger for global warming to continue the future of human life,” Heka explained.

AGP Bali’s chief executive, Pandu Djojoadisoeprapto, explained that Earth Hour is a global movement that invites people to care more about the environment.

where the 60+ logo on Earth Hour symbolizes the symbol to turn off lights and electricity that is not used for 60 minutes and + is defined as our commitment to take other positive actions for a sustainable earth and also to protect the earth as our home in the future.bali inspirasi


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