Elephant Park in Taro Village by Mason Adventures Bali

DENPASAR – BALI INSPIRASI. Elephant Park in Taro Village, Gianyar, Bali is a pioneer of nature tourism on the Island of the Gods. Established in 1997, nature tourism with a collection of Sumatran elephants has its own charm.

Mason Adventure Bali’s assistant director of Sales and Marketing Devi Nila said, Taro village has the right weather for the elephants that are kept on a 3.5 hectare land.

“From there, chances are the elephants want to breed well because it is quite difficult to breed elephants in new environments outside their natural habitat, “explained Devi Nila

Of the several elephants that were originally kept, now there are 31 elephants. Four of them are still babies. It will continue to preserve the elephants in the breeding program.

in one location with the breeding area of ​​the tame elephants, Mason finally developed his business instruments by adding a lodge or tourist lodge. At the tourist lodge, guests can interact directly with elephants.

“Even the elephant can be seen directly in front of the room guests can also interact directly by participating in bathing the elephant or swimming, “explained Devi.

Today Mason continues to develop the tourism business in Bali which has remained a pioneer and has never existed. Including, the business currently being developed is the production of chocolate food ..


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