Enjoy The Silence Day at Fame Sunset Road Hotel 

Bali Inspirasi.Kuta-Bali.Enjoy the Silence Day at the Fame Sunset Road Hotel


The Silence Day 25 March 2020,Fame Sunset Road Hotel in Bali, with the feel of a millennial present, was the inspiration for this silence holiday. With guaranteed health of visitors who visit, all hotel staff are able to serve with heart.


Hand sanitizer which is always available at the same time spraying disifektant always routinely done, social distancing,also this time the pool is not used considering the health risks that are being taken care of at this time.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also served for all guests who stay on this March 25. This is an activity that is not done every day for the previous day. With a family spirit that welcomes guests sincerely becomes a hallmark of Fame Hotel Sunset Road in Bali. The silence holiday in Bali is always unique to be enjoyed as a time of introspection and contemplation as a Caka New Year’s Day 1942.


At night the sky is clear and milky way clear, considering all the electricity in Bali turned off just one night. Peace is felt even more when silence ,and silence as a source of inspiration.


Bali is always beautiful to be remembered forever, Fame Sunset Road Hotel is always ready to serve with a variety of inspirational nuances of music, films, and holliwood artists. Hopefully always able to be enjoyed by anyone who visits.


“With the current situation, we always prioritize the health of guests from various aspects, so that it becomes comfortable and guaranteed the health of guests and staff of course,” said Danang, as Marcom at the Fame Hotel Sunset Road. March 25, 2020 – Kuta-Bali.bali inspirasi


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