Exotic Day at Adiwana Arya Villas and Amatara Arya Ubud

Exotic nuances at Adiwana Arya Villas and Amatara Arya Ubud.


Adiwana Arya Villas Ubud

Ubud – Bali ,President Indonesia Hotels front liners Association and Resort managers Adiwana Arya Villas and Amatara Arya Ubud,Endy Hermawan said that “Ubud as an exotic and unique tourist destination, until now the preservation of culture is a broad attraction and inspiration for anyone. During a press conference at Adiwana Arya Villas and Amatara Arya Ubud. Saturday December 7, 2019.


Rice view resort by Adiwana Arya Resort Villas Ubud

So that the number of tourists visiting Ubud, which is followed by the large amount of waste from the tourism sector, is the basicly for the synergy of hospitality with the surrounding villagers.

Until now, Ubud has more than two thousand hotels and villas and cottages, this rapid development automatically elevates the economy of Ubud as a world tourist destination.

Adiwana Arya Villa as one of the exotic places in Ubud with quite exotic views of rice fields is able to attract European tourists to enjoy holidays and free time with natural and quality nuances.

While Endy Hermawan as manager at Adiwana Arya Villa and Amatara Arya Ubud revealed his idea “Synergy with surrounding villagers is able to bring tourism destinations in Ubud, with employee care, social activities as CSR to visit and help organizations, places for children with disabilities, autistic children, and many others.

Until now we already have 15 places that need social assistance, as the CSR social movement, Adiwana Arya Villa is targeting this activity to be held every month, “he explained.

This is hopefully to be able to inspire other companies in the tourism sector with sustainable.
With the awareness and concern of every human being to their fellow human beings who need it, this is included in the Balinese culture, namely Karma as a guide to human life. “Such ideas as well as inspiration of the caring movement as routine CSR every month,not every year.


2anniversary by activity

While Adiwana Arya Villa in its second birthday, precisely on December 20th, took the theme, “growing like a coconut tree.” Say, Endy Hermawan.

Various events were held such as the screening of the old Balinese documentary, diner time party, acoustic music, and so on.

While most guests from European countries are stopped at Adiwana Arya Villa, and feel comfortable staying for long in Ubud.

“In addition, the nuances of calm and peace are able to provide useful inspiration for themselves and the environment.” He said.bali inspirasi


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