Extraordinary East Bali Tourism

Bali Inspirasi.Karangasem which is the eastern tip of Bali island with the widest dry land in Bali is often identified with the poorest regency in Bali. .Behind this fact, the incredible natural potential of the second widest sea in Bali, which if managed properly and truly will become the belle of extraordinary East Bali Tourism.

– Historical heritage of the famous Karangasem kingdom can be seen from various sites and places of interest such as Ujung Soekasada Park, Tirtagangga Park, Sekuta Park, Puri Maskerdam With the unique layout of the exotic buildings making Karangsem make Karangasem asthe rug of Bali Tourism.development of tourism development in Bali has had an impact on increasing visits to Karangasem.

Candi Dasa as a tourism center in Karangasem shows remarkable development even though it needs to be arranged and packaged in a more attractive way so that Dasa Temple becomes an attractive alternative beach destination that is supported by a spectacular spectacular panorama with the Tua Tenganan Village asbuffer village with authenticity of customs and culture that are second to none.

Tulamben tourist area, Amed, Jemeluk, with beautiful maritime tourism charms with the concept of a mountainous location with views of hundreds of charming fishermen who are covered by underwater tourist charmsaround the Japanese Patrol Ship Wrech Amed.this area is excellent for snorkeling and diving. And enjoy a beautiful sunrise as an experience that is second to none.

– The charm of the Besakih Temple as the biggest temple in Bali can suck the tourists to visit it every day.

– The ebb and flow of Karangasem Tourism is greatly influenced by natural conditions such as the eruption of Mount Agung, which is the highest mountain in Bali. At the time of the eruption of the Mount Agung of Karangasem Tourism was suspended. .but after the situation improved tourism potential changed where visits to Lempuyang Temple increased by almost 2000 people per day.

this is the increasingly viral impact of “Gateway to Heaven” which is a selfie at Candi Bentar Pura Lempuyang with a very instagramable back of Mount Agung.

Other areas that are developing are Man Made Destination such as “Edelwies Park or Kasna Flower Park in Besakih, Virgin Beach or Bias Tugel Beach at Bugbug. Tree Houses in Temega Village and Sibetan and Nature Tourism Agriwisata by utilizing watersheds in the Strait. musem Lontar Which Is A New Tourism Object in Dukuh Penaban Village able to attract archipelago tourists to learn to write on palm leaves. all tourism potential in Karangasem needs to be packaged and managed more professionally in order to be able to have a significant impact to increase Regional Original Income (PAD) for Karangasem Regency and improve the welfare of the people of Karangasem. more mature planning is needed from the Regional Government in order to increase infrastructure to the area of ​​the tourist area to be of international standard. such as accessibility to the Amed tourist area – As the road is very narrow and needs to be improved so that tourism buses and sidewalks can be arranged so that tourists are comfortable walking the streets enjoying the exotic natural atmosphere. coupled with the preparation of tourism human resources that have superior competency and quality. Support from the regional and central government is needed to increase this infrastructure because it will bring the image of tourism as a whole. to be balanced with a country branding “wonderful Indonesia” that has been a tremendous success and is able to penetrate the top 30 of the world. Karangasem “The spirit of Bali” is the prima donna and its ruler of Bali and Indonesia Tourism. Karangasem tourism provides tourism products that have competitive and extraordinary comparative advantages for tourists.

I Made Ramia Adnyana, SE, MM, CHA
vice chairman
central Board
Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA)

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