First International Art Sketch Event in Bali

Bali Inspirasi.Three days casual event is fully packed with impressive itinerary drafted with real buzz of excitement around it.
101 Travel Sketch is an original event created by PHM Hospitality,desaigned to raise awareness on the beauty of what each desaignated city can offer.The vision was to pioneer a creative platform for artists and inspiring artists alike and revive an appreciation of the general public for each city.The first edition was held in Bogor on 27-28 October 2017,followed by yogyakarta 6-7January 2018,Bandung 28-29April 2018,Malang 30 Juni-1July2018,and Jakarta 3-4November 2018 wich became the final city for the 101 Travel Sketch 2018 series that generated over 350 participants.
Mr.Muh.Ricky Fauziyani as Asisten Deputi Pemasaran I Regional III of Ministry Turism said,”Sketching and drawing is verry unique and strong,its can be explore all destination in bali island”.Its true,he said to makesure this event is verry inspired for turism international and domestic.
The Ministry of Turism has also played an important role in suporting and sponsoring 101 Travel Sketch event.
Vice Governor of Bali,Tjokorda Oka Sukawati said,The beauty of Bali is reknowned worldwide and has inspired much creativity and art works that are globally recognized as well.
What better way to highlight this than to roll-out an event that is focused on the world of drawing and sketching? I believe Indonesia is trully blessed with many talented people and an event like this will not only create a platform an opportunity for them,but will also benefit those who are coming into Bali.I am sure you will be in awe and take a way a great experience and whole new network of friends and relations that will motivate your further.”
“I believe we are able to do this because we make it our business to be in tune with our environment,social trends and interests,as well as the communities of wich we serve and operate in 2018,amidst all the market trends,we saw a community group that weren’t being served and those are the people who are proud of their city and are passionate on preserving local’s culture and heritage through sketches.
That’s how the idea for 101 Travel Sketch was born.Now,101 Travel Sketch usually generates an interest of over 200 participants in each of the designated city,” said Mr Budi Tirtawisata,CEO Panorama Group.bali inspirasi.


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