Bali Inspirasi.Denpasar-Bali.29/11/2020-FOR YOU (4U) BALI !


Seeing is Believing!
Pacific Holidays DMC Bali organized and arranged the arrival of Ukrainian Travel writers and Media owners to familiarize themselves with the latest conditions and at the same time to observe the implementation of the health protocol in Bali. “In order for the travel writers to understand better and equip with proper related information on the preventive measures taken by the government of Indonesia in the new normal protocol practiced in Bali, it is essential for them to make a physical visit to Bali so that they can inform and spread the positive news to convince Ukraine citizens to visit Bali and other destinations in Indonesia in the near future. This is a real effort to build the confident and trust for Bali from overseas visitors. The tagline is ‘For You Bali’ or 4U Bali”, said Mr. I Nyoman Astama the Managing Director of Pacific Holidays DMC. The “4U Bali” term is derived from 4 aspect approaches in developing Bali tourism, namely: product, service and management elaborated in thematic promotion of 4U: “Uniqueness of Bali”, “Unbeatable offer for Bali”, “Unbelievable service of Bali”, “Unforgettable holiday in Bali”


The Embassy Office of Ukraine in the Republic of Indonesia fully supports the initiatives taken by Pacific Holidays DMC to organize and bring a familiarization trip (famtrip) small group of 11 Ukraine Travel writers and Media owners. The journalists famtrip group arrived in Indonesia using a commercial flight Turkish Airlines via Jakarta on the 13th of November 2020 and stayed overnight in Jakarta before proceeding to Bali on the next day based on the availability of domestic flight connection using Garuda Indonesia Airways. “High integrity displayed by the journalists as they had to take a longer journey through Jakarta due to the fact there is no direct international flights to Bali. We are grateful for the commitment and professionalism showed by the journalists”, added by I Nyoman Astama who is also the Representative of Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Indonesia.

The journalist stayed in Bali until the 27th of November 2020. On the last day the journalists managed to join the launching of the office of the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Bali located on Jalan Gurita No.18, Banjar Pegok Sesetan, Denpasar Selatan, which was inaugurated by H.E. Volodymyr Pakhil, the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of Indonesia. “It was a great timing as the journalists had the opportunity to join the inauguration of the office of the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Bali”, concluded by I Nyoman Astama who has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Bali since 22 July 2020. The Letter of Exequatur was handed over by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia on the 19th of November 2020.bali inspirasi

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