Green Generation for the Future World of Hospitality

Swiss Education Expert is a an organization that supports students of different age groups in
preparing themselves for choosing their course of study and career by mentoring and
providing training guidance towards their future study and professionalism. More known as
SEE, founded by hospitality business alumnus, it officially represents the Swiss Education
Group. Swiss Education Group is Switzerland’s leading hospitality educator, with over 30
years of experience in hotel management and culinary arts education.
Swiss Education Expert strives to create awareness among the younger generation to
understand more about hospitality and how we can help the industry implement green and
sustainable initiatives within business. This led to the creation of a competition called Green
Generation for the Future World of Hospitality, which challenges students to propose ecofriendly
ideas for the hospitality industry.
Program Director and Mentor of Swiss Education Expert: Mrs. Cynthia Liliek who is
also an alumnus of IHTTI School of Hotel, Hospitality and Design Management, assisted by
Ms. Irena H. Kristanti, Program Coordinator, initiated this project in collaboration with
Green School Bali.
The panel of experts involved in this competition includes Mrs. Melinda Ammann
Chickering and Mr. Glenn Chickering (Coordinator from High School) Mr. Mauricio
Camacho and Mr. Garry White (Lecturers of Sustainable Tourism) and KKC (Kul-Kul
Connection) team: Tim Fijal (coordinator), Emma Titley and Giyan Antari (students).
It is also supported by Swiss Education Group, headed by Chief Executive Officer Mr.
Florent Rondez and Lecturer Ms. Sibylle Freiermuth will also be on the judging panel.
The Competition Objectives are as follows:
– To gain awareness from our future generation in applying green concept for a better
living especially in hospitality industry as a growing industry today and for the future.
– To gain more ideas about applicable concepts of Sustainable Tourism.
– To gain awareness from the students of Green School about Hospitality Study at
Swiss Education Group with the mentorship provided by Swiss Education Expert.
– To expand our network and make a great collaboration between SEG, SEE, and Green
– Furthermore we can make related collaboration with other schools or expanding the
project to around the world.
The Competition’s Overview:
– Students of Green School, in groups of two or three, are to come up with eco-friendly
concepts applicable to the hospitality Industry especially in Bali Island, Indonesia. For
example, hotels, restaurants, wellness industry, and so forth.
– Students were given 1.5 months to complete the assignment and prepare a
presentation for the assessment day (beginning of March – mid of April).
– The Jury team selects the winning project after the submission deadline on 14th April
2017. All projects will be presented by students on 21st April 2017 to assess the
content of their presentation following which the winners will be announced.
GRAND PRIZE of the Competition are given to the students and talents who have
presented the most suitable and implementable idea to the hospitality and tourism
industry. The winning group will receive entry into a summer course program of their
choice, organized by Swiss Education Academy in Switzerland. They can choose from
either the “Introduction to the World of Hospitality” (2 weeks) or “Introduction to the
World of Culinary (1 week)” course.
The competition Judges are invited and the event will be attended by DR I Njoman
Suwidjana MA,MH, Lecturer; Vice Chariman PHRI (Indonesia Hotels and
Restaurant Association),; Advisor to BTB (Bali Tourism Board) and I G.P.B
Sasrawan Mananda, Vice Dean for Administration and Finance Affairs of Tourism
Faculty, Udayana University.


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