The Indonesian Hotel General Managers Association (IHGMA) Bali Chapter, a grouping of professional top executive such as general managers from hotels and villas in Bali under IHGMA Indonesia, proudly presents their first agenda in Certification & Development yearly program by organizing a high caliber of seminar all about ‘playing financial chess and making strategic movement’.

The Seminar will take place in B Hotel at Jalan Imam Bonjol, Denpasar, Bali on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 starting at 8 am – 2 pm. IHGMA Bali Chapter organizes this seminar by inviting an honored speaker who is an expert in Finance Mr. I Gusti Putu Wisesa, CHA, a Vice President, Finance – Asia Commune Hotels and Resorts (Alila, Joie De Vivre, Thompson, and Tommie) to share his extensive knowledge and experience in financial management.  IHGMA Bali Chapter Chairman Mr. Nyoman Astama, SE, CHA with the Chairman of organizing committee Ms. Fransiska Handoko, CHA appointed Mr. Ketut Swabawa, CHA as the moderator to lead this interactive seminar tailor made for top management position. This means General Manager, Operation Manager, Hotel Manager, Executive Assistant Manager and Villa Manager are welcome to join the Strategic Financial Management Seminar.

The Seminar itself will be divided into three sessions. First Session will focus on Role of Accounting and Finance Department, Financial Management, Accounting Management, and Operating Budget. This is a crucial and important thing for Hotelier in operating their property. It’s mainly used for cost centre reporting, centre profitability, product profitability, customer target profitability. Continue with second session, The Seminar will discuss about BEP (Break Even Point), Costing Method, Financial Statement & Cost Center, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), and Taxation. While the last session, Hotel Operating Equipment, CAPEX (Capital Expenditures), Corporate Governance in Accounting and Risk Management/ Insurance Coverage. The Financial Management is providing specialized internal information, such as departmental accounting up to managers who are responsible for directing and controlling operations within the hospitality industry. This internal information is for planning a short term and long term as well financial decision making. Also, implementation of internal control such as cost control, manpower resources and daily operating circle. Through this Financial Management Seminar conducted by IHGMA Bali Chapter, Top Management level will be expected to understand and confidently taking strategic decisions on Financial Management in Hotel Operating System.

The IHGMA was established on 20 April 2016 in The Grand Bali Beach Bali by a group of hotel and villa General Managers in Indonesia and currently the only general managers association in Indonesia. IHGMA Indonesia currently spread all over Indonesia with more than 600 members within 44 Chapter. IHGMA Bali Chapter as part of IHGMA aims to establish an association that will be actively involved in supporting members of the community in Bali as well within other territorial or chapter of IHGMA in Indonesia to improve the quality of Top Management Hotelier and its Hotel Manpower in Indonesia, Bali in particular. In addition to the social mission, the group also wishes to contribute to tourism development by working together with other associations, as well as with the government, to solve various problems facing the industry. IHGMA also aims to be independently communication forum for medium’s top leaders at a hotel in Indonesia followed by integrity to enhance and escalate the professionalism based on their profession and expertise, to host their own country and host in the global market as the key player in hospitality.


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