IMO-Indonesia Gait in IMF-WB 2018 Event

The World Bank (IMF-WB) International Monetary Fund Perlehatan in Nusa Dua Bali which was attended by 189 countries, 27 Heads of State and 32,000 participants is currently taking place October 8-14, 2018. The Grand Event was so seized by the International World with many VIP guests and VVIP.

To ensure the security of the event, the Kogasgabpam and the Panglimanya were formed, the TNI Chief of TNI Vice Admiral Didit Herdiawan Ashaf. The security activities are carried out inconspicuously but remain tight. According to him, the priority in the security of guests of this country is speed in action.

The IMF-WB event is expected to be able to contribute and breakthrough for the host and participating countries. This is a good opportunity for Indonesia as stated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in his five proposals

Media Gait
Hundreds of media consisting of TV, print and online from around the world were present in order to cover the grand event, including several national online media from the Indonesian Online Media Association (IMO-Imdonesia) which took part.

The online media work which is incorporated in the IMO-Indonesia at the IMF-WB event this time has indeed followed the rules of the game from the organizing committee.

“By getting involved, the online media from IMO-Indonesia is expected to be able to raise the overall coverage of the grand series of events, from preparation to the top event,” explained the Chairman of the IMO-Indonesia DPP Yakub F. Ismail, October 12, 2018.

The IMO-Indonesia Central Executive Board supervised the Bali Provincial Regional Leadership Council chaired by Wahyu Siswadi and his staff. The DPW of the Bali Province has coordinated IMO-Indonesia online media partners nationwide, to be able to take part in the 2018 IMF-WB event.

The hope is that online media which is incorporated in the IMO-Indonesia is able to raise wider coverage. So that the grand event has an impact on the people of Indonesia, and has added value to culture and economy in Bali, especially as the host.

In the event, the IMO-Indonesia DPW Bali Province commissioned 8 media to carry out reporting tasks. For information, there are several colors of cards distributed to media coverage, both at home and abroad.

IMO-Indonesia is believed to have a coverage identity with green striping, which means it can cover all existing activities. Meanwhile, the committee also issued an identity with yellow gold striping which only allowed to cover certain activities.

“This is very encouraging for the IMO-Indonesia work. What’s more, there is a mission as a media and journalist in reporting according to the facts and events that are taking place, and this is the history that is taking place in Indonesia,” explained Wahyu Siswadi. (*)


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