Indonesian Student Recruiter

Business ProposalbySu Xian, Guak (SHU CONSULTANCY)

Prepared for:Mr. Rudirupian, JCI president of Bali                                                        1. Executive summary SHU Consultancy (JM0787490-T) is a newly education consultant/student recruiter for Malaysia education institutions, based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. SHU Consultancy possesses sufficient assets which assist in designing and executing various approaches in student recruitment program with minimum risk and higher efficiency under reasonable cost.  Moreover, this company would prioritize the client’s interest and achieve desired results.

2. Problem Statement

  1. SHU Consultancy requires a representative office, or a partner that represent us in Indonesia.
  2. Networks of local schools and colleges that allows SHU Consultancy to walk into their respective campus and conduct promotions.

3. Proposed Solution Mr. Rudirupian will provide a representative office or, become the representative of SHU Consultancy in Bali, Indonesia.

The responsibility of the latter will be following:-

  1. Provide consultation services to potential customers
  2. Execute eligibility screening for customers
  3. Provide assistant on applications
  4. Send completed applications to SHU Consultancy

Interested students will submit their completed application form through respective partner in Indonesia to Malaysian college for further administrative processing.

Surface screening will be carried out by fellow Indonesian partners, according to the admission requirements of courses, ensuring all applications submitted are eligible for the course(s).


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