Jukung Miniature of Buleleng Coastal Communities Style

After such a long time disappeared, jukung or rowboat miniature sports of coastal communities style of Buleleng comes back into trend. The sport which is more categorized as toys that was only favored by children, has now become a toy, not only for children but also for teenagers and older people. No half-hearted, this jukung berkatir (with two balancing bamboo) miniature and with sailing screen is made so as to resemble its original form. Even it’s painted according to their tastes. Regarding the price, it starts from Rp. 350,000 to millions, depending on the quality of its production.

It is the coastal community of West Buleleng – Labuan Aji Village, Temukus Village and Kaliasem Village, Banjar Sub-District, Kampong Bugis, Kampong Baru, Taman Sari – Sub-District of Buleleng and the East, namely the Sub-district of Sawan, namely, Sangsit Village and environs. Incidentally most coastal communities are people earning their living on the sea, they are Buleleng people from ethnically mixed communities as ethnic of Bali Communities, Madura or Bugis and other

As the activities of the fishermen, their activities are preoccupied with things that smell of the sea and fish. Going at night, arriving in the morning with the catch that is not necessarily a lot, but sometimes abundant until the price is lowered by collectors. Therefore most fishermen conditions in this country are alarming and worrying as their life is depending on the season. When the season is quiet, they will go to sea but when the strong winds come they will park the boat on coast

Practically on-monsoon season they do not go to sea for 2-3 months, long enough indeed, they are unemployed. Nonetheless, this fisherman is not desperate to find business, besides, many of them change their profession as laborers, and work anything to continue their life, even they go down to the sea, but only around the safe area to earn a living in an unfriendly season.

But lately, to kill time the coastal communities have an activity which is not far from the lives of the fishermen, which is still playing with the rowboat or canoe but smaller or mini shape, with a length of about 30-60 cm. Uniquely, these Jukungs or catamarans or canoes using mini’s screen is made in such a way that the rowboat or canoe looks real, complete with the accessories. To make a jukung or rowboat, it takes at least 1 week. Like real or large Jukung or rowboat, this form of jukung or rowboat in mini shape is made with a touch of art, starting from its shape, color, type of paint to the screen. Each jukung or rowboat is named according to taste, to get maximum results, they do not hesitate to bring it to the experts to the outside Bali

To obtain this jukung or small rowboat model, we could spend between Rp 350,000 to more depending on the type of wood, and paint used for the model. Even there are models that cost millions rupiah. Currently the jukung or mini rowboat fans are not only children, adolescents, but also older people. In Buleleng, this activity is done during leisure time as Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each event of jukung or mini rowboat participated can reach up to 200 units. This activity is often initiated by sponsors, by inviting the jukung or mini rowboat lovers throughout Buleleng. Of this love, they are willingly heated all day. As all their activities are carried out in the open waters. For them pleasure is the main, as the prizes provided is not more than 200,000, – Alit R



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