Krakakoa Opens the Doors to its First Pop-Up Shop in Seminyak

Customers can learn about the “farmer-to-bar” process and taste the high-quality
flavors of Krakakoa chocolate

SEMINYAK, Indonesia- Krakakoa, a sustainable Indonesian cacao company, celebrates
the opening of its first pop-up shop in Seminyak. The shop hosts an array of activities
such as chocolate tastings, chocolate-making, and informative workshops.

Sabrina Mustopo, the CEO of Krakakoa, expresses, “ This store is special for us, as it’s the
first time that we have our own space where we can meet our customers directly. We are
able to tell them about the work that Krakakoa is doing with farmers, and bring them
through the entire ‘farmer-to-bar’ experience. We really wanted a place where we can run
workshops, create unique products, and have direct and engaging interactions with our
customers to tell them what we are about and for people to get to know us better.”

The store is open to the public until the end of September, where visitors can view
chocolate being made on site, sample different chocolates, and purchase regular and
limited edition items. Cacao-based beverages, such as frozen hot chocolate and cacao tea,
are also sold on the premise.

Krakakoa’s dedication to quality has yielded seven medals from the Academy of
Chocolate, making them the first award-winning Indonesian chocolate maker. Sabrina
states, “Traditionally, most of the cocoa grown in Indonesia has been poor quality. I am
proud that Krakakoa has contributed to the elevated status of Indonesian cocoa and
dually, the improved quality of life for the Indonesian farmers. Now we can share the
beauty of home-grown Indonesian chocolate to the world.”

Visit the store at Jl Raya Seminyak No. 57 (opposite Warung Ocha), from 10am to 10pm
daily. Email aulia@krakakoa.com for more information or any additional questions.
About Krakakoa

Krakakoa is an award-winning “farmer-to-bar” chocolate maker founded in 2014 in
Lampung, Sumatra by former McKinsey & Company consultants, Sabrina Mustopo
(Indonesia) and Simon Wright (South Africa). Krakakoa’s mission involves creating and
a more sustainable agriculture system, first starting with cocoa. The company implements
an extensive training program for its producers and has been developed and operated by
some of the world’s leading experts and organizations, including WWF, Cacoa Services,
and Swisscontact. Farmers are provided with training, tools, and price premium 2-3x
higher than the market price to support Krakakoa’s three-pronged mission of improving
the lives of Indonesian farmers, the quality of Indonesian cocoa beans, and the
sustainability of the cocoa farming sector.


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