LINDA LIROSE is a Bali based independent artist and garment entrepreneur

. Since she does not like being called a designer as she doesn’t like being put into just one category, as her brain races with so many ideas, creates whatever is on her mind that must be executed as beautiful pieces of art.

The LiRose Collection was born in early 2005, dedicate to ladies with a strong character. Let the collection speak for its character. LiRose Collection only uses high quality fabrics, both imported and local fabrics, to make fine and high quality garments. The concepts of her collection are classy, sexy, sassy but not trashy, yet elegant with a touch of art, simple yet stand out and the high quality can be seen in every single piece of her collection. She also makes sure that her collections are affordable and can be worn by ladies for every occasion, as you can find her wide range of collections from resort wear, cocktail dresses, business wear to couture. She never puts herself and her ideas as in just one range. She also believes the elegance proves that style isn’t about what you wear, but how you wear it. She does not follow what is in and what is out in fashion as she believes in an old saying: “fashion fades, style is eternal.”

Since 2002 – present, she has been working as creative director, collaborative designer for PT.Pacific Express Garment, that has been export – import to many countries since 1984, trusted by both international and local brands and designers. As LiRose Collection artist and designer, as well as the owner and founder, she does all her productions in their own manufacturer as its well known for their high quality garments and professional works. LiRose also participates in fashion events, such as Hong Kong World Boutique Exhibition for Hong Kong Fashion Week in January, 2011, Jakarta Fashion Week 2013, and many more. LiRose also does both retail, custom made and collaborates with both international and local designers and sales representative , and offers one stop shopping worldwide. Her collaborations have been seen on International stars.


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