Local Wisdom as a Culture

Bali Inspirasi.Kuta-Bali.8May2020,Local wisdom as a culture that can be preserved at any time. Herbal medicine as a traditional ancestral herbal drink as one of them and also health is maintained by its immunity.


Traditional Drink as Local Wisdom of Indonesia Culture

Jogjakarta’s unique ingredients are now appearing in Bali, various superior spices of the archipelago since ancient times until now.

“In a pandemic situation such as the current health care is a trend everywhere, herbal medicine “Mak Tika “complements what is needed today, at an affordable price of course.” said Tika as the owner of herbal beverage business with the brand “Mak Tika”. Can order delivery via whats app number at +62 087862463544.instagram; mak_tika

Bali is certainly still the center of the world’s destinations, later after the situation improves various strategies will compete in the economic boom due to the normal return of various businesses and destinations in any part of the world.bali inspirasi


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