Maybank Indonesia Introduces Mobile Banking Application M2U, at Maybank Marathon

Maybank Indonesia Introduces Mobile Banking Application M2U, at Maybank Marathon

Benoa, 6 September 2019 – The excitement during Race Pack Collection (RPC) at Maybank Marathon Bali 2019 grows with the presence of a new mobile banking, the Maybank app “M2U”. All transactions during RPC becomes more convenient with M2U.

To be able to use the M2U, the participants of Maybank Marathon must download a Maybank ID through appstore or playstore and activate it. Today, opening account can be done online at the RPC area with a simple procedure. Other than for savings, online opening account can also be done for deposit and, in the near future, for investment purchase such as bonds (reksadana) and insurance. To comply with Know Your Customer(KYC) regulation, KYC Agent will make an appointment with the customer at their convenience.

M2U has a new and fresh look. It also offers a variety of features, i.e. a more modern look and more user-friendly.

“In line with the development in digital technology, Maybank Indonesia focuses on optimizing its digital technology to create a better customer experience in all touchpoints. This is initiated with the launching of M2U, a mobile banking application with a new platform that offers 24/7, smooth banking experience which can be accessed anywhere and anytime, thus ensuring delivery of a better customer experience,” says President Director Maybank Indonesia, Taswin Zakaria.

Aside from Online Account Opening, M2U has many interesting features. Free Max, a feature to enjoy free transfers among banks (online, SKN and RTGS), bill payment and purchasing with Maybank Tabungan MAKSI. Go Cashless!, do various payments with QR Pay. Secure login, ease of login and user login using biometricssafely with Face ID and Fingerprint. Quick Favourite, stores routine transactions and pays routine bills quicker and in more practical manner. Check Portfolio Balance, conducts a portfolio check on savings account, credit card, deposit, lending including investment and insurance become easier with a left-right swipe only. Quick Access Payment, makes paying bills, purchasing and transfer become easier and quicker. Share Receipt, send proof / receipt of transfer conveniently.

All participants of Maybank Marathon can use the QR Pay feature to purchase sports apparel or food & beverages in various booths within Taman Bhagawan and Bali Safari Marine Park. Participants of Maybank marathon also have opportunities to enjoy various prizes, benefit and attractive promos by using M2U in Maybank Marathon merchants.

“In line with the mission, humanising financial service, Maybank Indonesia consistently create innovative products and services to provide financial products and solutions that meet the customer needs and expectation by prioritizing customer experience in digital technology,” said Taswin.


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