Menjangan Island in West Bali Explore

Menjangan Island is an most amazing to day,with Mimpi Resort Menjangan to enjoying hot spring natural .One of interested Resort can search by www.mimpi.com, its wonderfully place in west bali . Bali Island not only has a beautiful white sandy beach that is loved especially foreign travelers in South Bali. At the western tip of the island of Bali no less elegant nature offered from West Bali National Park (TNBB), hot springs, mangrove forests, coastal spots to cool diving and snorkeling at Menjangan Island in Buleleng.

Compared sparkling South Bali tourism, foreign and domestic tourists have not been a lot of glances to the “paradise” is hidden in Bali Barat. Yes, in the area of West Bali, the number of tourists is not as busy stretching the South of Bali tourism.

Although the tourism industry continues to innovate in products attractive tourism packages in attracting tourists, but not optimal due to the lack of local government support. The most perceived as less support telecommunication infrastructure and access roads leading to tourism and resorts that are around TNBB in District Gerogak it.

Understandably, the distance barrier to the region, becoming one of the considerations of foreign travelers after landing at the International Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai, so choosing a vacation like in Nusa Dua and Kuta, including in terms of accommodation.

Not to mention, the distance of 3 hours from Denpasar as the capital of Bali province, an obstacle for tourists who want to vacation in Bali Barat. Yet, in truth, the natural resources in this region, no less attractive, so fascinating to the eye that sees.
“In the area of West Bali quite a lot of tourism potential that has not been ogled rating,” said General Manager Mimpi Resort Menjangan I Gusti Lanang Ketut Susila met last weekend.

Recognized Lanang, travelers only have special interests that want to enjoy the natural beauty in the area of West Bali. Call it the hot springs hot springs sauna managed Dreams Resort, also the main attraction.

The resort area of 6 hectares in Pejarakan, Gerokgak it has the concept of Eco Tourism provides various facilities such as diving activities in cooperation with PADI Dive Center & Watersport, Spa, Center for Yoga, Private transfer service, Hot Springs Sulfur, internet service / wifi, bike rentals free with restaurant and cafe is open 24 hours.

Travelers who stay at Dreams Resort has a lot of choice if you want a vacation with comfort and beauty to offer. Likewise, enjoy culinary adopt local wisdom on the lips when dinner Banyuwedang bay.

The concept offered in West Bali tourism is nature. Nature that needs to be maintained, forests, hot springs in Bishopscourt. Likewise in other places but not exploited or managed professionally.

The West Bali National Park besides destination icon and Menjangan Island, there are also other potential that is hot spring. During this time, the potential for Hot Spring is only in Banjar (Buleleng), Batukaru (Tabanan) and Kintamani.

Whereas in the West Bali was also a hot spring, just not as well publicized including optimal government had not informed the potential to lower levels.

Likewise, there is a tourist attraction in itself that is the location of Bali starlings breeding iconic West Bali. Also, Ijah or monkeys are the main attraction for tourists in the region.
In addition to that potential, visitors can also see diving and snorkeling spots on the island of Menjangan different than others in Bali

“Travelers can start from the dock here, go to Menjangan with a travel time of approximately 40 minutes,” said Lanang.

Along the bay towards the sea lanes that pass, can enjoy the beautiful green nan mangroves on either side, which is so cool. Boat trip with local fishermen who challenged it, do not feel tired with a treat from a distance where mangroves and small islands around.

They can enjoy the biodiversity and amazing marine life such as fish and coral reefs from morning to afternoon.

With the dive and snorkel diving equipment, visitors can see very close to where the fish are pretty colorful micro that is only found in the waters of Menjangan Island.

“Fish-fish was pretty good, the spot is so beautiful here,” said Dutch tourist Monica while playing snorkeling along with three colleagues. During this time, international tourists who vacation in this region, dodominasi tourists from Europe such as France, Germany and some other small Eastern European origin such as the Netherlands, Switzerland.

Admittedly Lanang, they come in small amounts as a married couple up to the aged. Longstay residence period of stay up to two weeks. “Tourists like to be different here because of biota, specifically different from other areas,” he continued.AX


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