Ministry of Tourism makes BBTF 2015 as Indonesian Tourism Promotion Pilot Project

The success of Bali tourism industry doers, incorporated in the Association of Indonesian Travel Bureau (Asita) of Bali, held “Bali Beyond and Travel Fair” (BBTF), in 2014 in Nusa Dua generating accounting transactions reached Rp 6.2 trillion, attracted the attention of Minister of Tourism of Indonesia Arief Yahya, to make BBTF II in 2015 as a Pilot Project for Indonesian Tourism Promotion.

“The Ministry did not hesitate to support by providing relatively large amount of funds, in the form of Branding and Publisher of the BBTF II in June 2015 in Nusa Dua, Bali,” the Chairman of the Committee of BBTF 2015, Ketut Ardana explained accompanied by a number of ASITA organizers, last Saturday, in Renon. The support of the Ministry of Tourism, making BBTF II as a Pilot Project, was warmly welcomed by the committee, which will target the business transactions amounted to 13.5 trillion.

The target is not something grandiose, Ardana said it is relatively realistic. Because the number of buyers (buyers) of Platinum category increases, reaching 50% of large companies from Europe, USA, China, Australia, and other Asian countries, “They are International Travel Agency Operators who are able to bring a minimum of 10 thousand tourists to Indonesia every year,” Ardana said.

In addition, the number of buyers of gold category who take part in BBTF 2015, also increased to 60%, they’ve proven to be capable to bring minimum of 6,500 tourists to the country per year, “At present, a large number of European Travel Agencies have begun to register. This year, we also changed the rules of early registration for the buyers, so that there will certainty of their participation in BBTF in June 2015,” Ardana said.

Ardana said that Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, when launching BBTF at the Ministry Office in Jakarta expected BBTF to have the same level as the event held in several countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Italy or International Travel Berlin; Ministry of Tourism makes BBTF as an event of the mainstay Indonesian tourism promotion.

He said that for participants, especially Buyers shall invoice 30% of funds for Booth rental in advance. If they cancel to participate, then the money is returned. While for the Sellers are too. This event is not only promoting Bali particularly, but a number of tourist destinations such as Papua, Yogyakarta, Padang, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Sumatra and other significant areas are also promoted. “We hope Heads of other areas also contributed to show their potential tourism of each region,” Ardana added.

The number of buyers is also targeted to increase, reaching 325 buyers from potential countries, including the United States, the countries in the region
Western Europe and Eastern Europe, Middle East, South Africa, North Asia, and South Asia, India, ASEAN countries, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Latin America, and Indonesia.

While the number of sellers such hotels, travel agents, corporate, transportations, government, and restaurants is expected to reach 370 sellers, increasing from the previous year, namely, 278, “The implementation of event which brings Buyers and Sellers in and outside the country is predicted to expend in the amount of Rp23,2 billion from the stakeholder, and a number of sponsors, such as, Qatar Airline, the Provincial Government of Bali and Badung. BBTF 2015 takes place from June 10 to 14 focusing on three market segments, namely ‘leisure’, MICE (meetings, incentive, conference, and exhibition), and special interests,” Ardana said.

(BBTF) in 2015, Ardana said will also invite special travel agency operator handling cruises to join in this tourism business event, in order to bring tourists to Indonesia, which is targeted 20 million tourists per year, “We hope they can be present, as a famous tourist-class luxury yacht, qualified with their length of stay and spending is very high,” Ardana expected.

A large cruise ship, Ardana explained, is capable of carrying from 5,000 to 700 tourists, so they can increase foreign tourist arrivals as targeted by government launching 20 million foreign tourists in 2019, “Over time we encourage government related to infrastructure for cruise ship port to be anchored by large capacity cruise ship.

The potential ‘cruise’ tourism in Indonesia, Bali is considered to be the most ready one. Because Benoa Harbor Denpasar, had often been visited by medium-sized cruise with the number of passengers between 1,000 to 2,000 people. (Nani)



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