Ms Gelato Resto in Batu Belig Bali

One more thing, there is ice cream resto Gelato, now present in Bali, precisely at JalanBatuBeligSeminyak, Bali with Ms.Gelato name. Lots of ice cream flavors and of course with a Resto-style concept. “Gelato is a home-style ice cream using natural raw materials and fruits, well-known in the State of Italy,” said Owner Ms.Gelato, YeniGunawan, met on Sunday (05/14/2017.)
Ms.Gelato concept of “Gelatariawiht Family Resto”. The consumer can choose different types of gelato, there are about 24 flavors, unique in MS.Gelato every week there are 2 to 3 the addition of new flavors. With raw materials such as fresh fruits. “Ms. Gelato Gelato provides two variations, namely vegan gelato and glutan free. Here we only use milk and fruits in Bali and 100 percent fres, “said YeniGunawan.
With the concept of Family Resto, suitable Ms.Gelato visited with the family, in addition to providing a wide variety of ice cream, Ms.Gelato also provide a wide range of Indonesian-style food menu and Ala Italy. “In addition to the ice cream menu, we provide a full menu of Indonesian and Italian specialties. Nusantara such as fried rice, fried noodles and menu mainstay of our archipelago, namely Panini & Crepes, “said YeniGunawan.
Ms.Gelato has ample parking facilities, there is free wifi, has an elegant design, Color full, with a seating capacity to accommodate hingg 100 people. Suitable for important family events, such as anniversary events and other family events.
“Dipilihanya this culinary business because of perceived Bali has a pretty hot weather. Gelato the best choise of dessert.Ms.Gelato using natural raw materials such as milk and fresh fruit. “He said.
Although the new Ms.Gelato open approximately one month, but already crowded, “Ms.Gelato, this is the first time in the open, and it is our first attempt. According to our location here is very good, always crowded with tourists. We hope Ms. Gelato can be one of the family to visit. “Resolve YeniGunawan


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