Nyaman Gallery & KU DE TA present YOKII – Repo Art Exhibition

Nyaman Gallery & KU DE TA present YOKII – Repo Art Exhibition

Bali Inspirasi.YOKII is an Australian artis who has been living and creating in Bali for more than a decade.He has been creating art with screen printing techniques since very young age.


Through this collection deeply inspired by its culture,YOKII reveals his most personal and intimate take on Bali,through contemporary approaches achieved as the result of years of experimentation.


In this exhibition,sand art is highlighting YOKII’s breaktrough in the mastery of image transferring,showing fresh and innovative techniques,and harmoniously combines it with nature.


Repo is an English born surf,music and fashion photographer with twenty years of experience and wide portofolio including shoting and following Metallica as well as Queen of the Stone Age,Repo traveled the world before ultimately making his way to Bali where he resides since 2007.
Both of artists are long time Bali friends and just started to collaborate in creative works.
Come and meet the man behind some of the most colourful and iconic expressions of Balinese culture and its people.


On September 21st, YOKII is set to impress at KU DE TA with several live art demonstrations that convey the depth and beauty of life in Bali.

We have numerous artworks by YOKII displayed throughout our venue – his instantly recognisable pieces feature beautiful layers of elaborate hues and textures that reveal his most personal and intimate view of the island.

The evening will also feature an exhibition with pieces by REPO, a pioneer in surf photography. The two artists are longtime friends with a deep interest in surfing, music, and culture. They often collaborate in Bali, and we’re thrilled to be hosting them for a fantastic night of oceanside art, cocktails, and bites at KU DE TA!

Impressive’. ‘Different’. ‘Inspiring’!

This is how most people define YOKII’s artworks. Layer upon layer of texture and detail capture the eye and intrigue the mind.

Art Engineer

YOKII is known for his aggressive experimentation with a wide variety of materials—from fabrics to recycled plywood—to create garments, prints and other art forms. He takes on the most challenging of mediums through his mastery of varied techniques for applying paint or print to sundry surfaces. YOKII believes that every technical production problem can be overcome with a creative touch. This is why fellow artists and designers come to him regularly to seek advice on artwork production and collaborate with the versatile art engineer.


In 2015, YOKII created a striking 9-meter wall piece for a VIP lounge at the Domestic Departure Terminal at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. This artistic journey, which took him over two months to complete, was executed with bold hand printing using giant silk screens, painting, and collaging to achieve a heavily textured piece inspired by traditional Balinese culture. The impressive artwork captures the visual impact of Bali’s ancient heritage with a modern eye and reminds the onlooker why people from around the world come to the island: Bali transports them from the fast-faced, instant, carbon-copy culture of their homes to one that practices unhurried reverence for nature, gods and ancestors.

In 2017, YOKII completed his solo exhibition in Taman Antik Gallery & Store, St. Tropez. The collection showcased were nine magnificent collection of hand-processed antique wooden doors that combine bohemian vintage beauty and mixed media painting techniques.

YOKII aspires to individual originality. He is constantly generating unique ideas to create captivating and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Nyaman Gallery is a pioneer international contemporary art gallery in Bali, located in the heart of Seminyak. The word “nyaman” means cozy or comfortable in the Indonesian language. It defines the philosophy of the gallery: we aim to provide our guests a space reflecting the ease and welcoming atmosphere of Bali, in which they can interact and enjoy our unique art collection.

Nyaman Gallery represents Bali-based emerging local artists, as well as established international artists, who pour their signature viewpoints and personal messages into the works they create for the world.  Through our collection of artworks, Nyaman Gallery brings together an eclectic mix of art styles; from the rebellious, tongue-in-cheek street art of Canggu, to bold mixed media collages that breathe modernity to the traditional, to contemporary surrealism filled to the brim with endless wonder. All curated with love.

We understand that patience and dedication are essential in nurturing creative growth. Compounded with our appreciation for the artist’s final work, we also revel in the joy of discovering the hidden gems concealed within an artistic mind. Carrying this into the consciousness of our gallery, we sustain exclusive, familial, and long-term relationships with the artists we feature.

Nyaman Gallery is where the modern compliments the traditional – the East engages the West. We present a fine assemblage of artworks featuring various techniques, aesthetic, and emotions; from paintings, photography, to traditional arts meticulously handmade by Indonesian artisans inspired by archaic designs. Through our fine selection of traditional headdresses, ornately carved decorations, beautiful wooden hair combs, and many more, our guests can bring a little part of Indonesia home with them.www.nyamangallery.com bali inspirasi


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