Oktobart and Charity Earthquake-Tsunami Palu in The Haven Bali

There is something different about the interior appearance at The Haven Bali Seminyak. On a number of walls a painting by I Nyoman Wijaya presents a face sketch. The painting is part of the Octobart event which runs until 30 October at The Haven Bali Seminyak.

In total there are 6 local artists who exhibit their work for the theme of The Bali Culture and Art. General Manager Marak Setiadi said the event was the first time held to provide a touch of Balinese art and culture.

“We also invite silver craftsmen, egg painters, including endek weaving creative businesses to fill this event,” explained Marak Setiadi at the opening on Friday, October 12 2018.

In addition to holding events to support hotel commodities, Marak Setiadi added, the activity was also used as a charity-raising event for victims of the earthquake-tsunami disaster in Palu.

Five percent of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to survivors who are currently still in refugee camps in a number of areas in Central Sulawesi. Not only the sale of paintings, but 5 percent of all transactions from the products sold will be donated.

At the beginning of the opening, there was a positive interest from the average hotel resident who came from Australia. Especially for silver crafts have begun to sell.

“There are three types of silver handicrafts that have been sold. He hopes that sales will increase, especially for paintings priced at Rp. 1 million – Rp. 11 million,” Marak Setiadi added.

Meanwhile, Marketing Communications Riri Tambunan said, the collaboration with Nyoman Wijaya as a fast face painter was the main attraction for this guest house.

That’s where Panorama Hospitality Management (PHM) worked together with artists I Nyoman Wijaya.

“The speed of painting is a special attraction. One face sketch painting can be done in 5 minutes with a fairly cheap bandrol, Rp. 100 thousand,” explained Riri.


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