The Paradise of Nusa Penida Bali

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NUSA – PENIDA -BALI, getting to know Nusa penida is the biggest producer of seaweed in the Bali region for a long time, but is now changing since foreign and domestic guests are aiming to visit the beauty and uniqueness of the region, the area led by the incumbent from the partyGerindra, who was re-elected, made breakthroughs that made Nusa Penida now look as a new destination rather than her youngest sister Nusa Lembongan, who had already been worldwide.

Nusa Penida has beautiful spot spots like those that are already well-known on Instagram and Facebook, which are often uploaded by tourists to show off their beauty and natural beauty to support the overall meaning of the beauty they want to portray, such as Pinkie Beachcristalbay, broken beach, Angel’s billabong and so on that we can search on Google with all the stories behind it.

continued, this is where Wizzela management looks at it as its creative impulse that has long been involved in hospitality and experience in handling all guest problems both foreign and domestic, with their experience they are moved to help local peoples or peopleoriginal Nusa penida to be able to welcome guests – present guests carrying bags of their dollars,

then the two people we met who were also familiarly called Wisnu and Putu Anggela were owners and managers of Wizzela management, the spearhead of their drive was a sense of concern for the local role in their own area which was proven by many who joined the managementThis establishment is like Sundi Ocean Bungalow, Sunrise Penida Hill, Jevon Cottage, Bunter Hill Bungalow.

for the Nusa Lembongan region. are Bale Gede Lembongan, D and B Bungalow, The Cozy Villas Lembongan, Sedok Jineng Villa, Dream Beach Kubu, Dream Beach Inn, The Sogol, Pemuntelan, Anugrah Sari Homestay, Karang mas and there are still many who will trust their property to be handled bythey.

“Then because the stories that are developing are the growing courage of local people to manage their own land rather than being handed over by investors with long-term leases at very cheap pricesThat’s amazingly tempting,

the last message to us is “Let’s together we welcome a better future because every thing we do contains risks but if we have the same determination to protect Nusa well from the onslaught of investors with our big capital togethersure no one is able to tear down us into a scavenger of the remnants of the results of investors in this land, “said Anggela.

According to Anggela, this while glazing may be carried away by overflowing emotions because it is too excited. at 2:00 p.m. at noon in the Nusa Penida area it was quite hot, while accompanied by cold mineral water we talked to the owner of the wayan suliastama sunrise penida hill who told a lot about life changes which were felt when the jingling of dollars had glanced at the area, the areaused to be arid little by little changed with the capital they have.

“Now we add 5 new rooms with swimming pool facilities.” These new rooms are all facing beautiful cliffs with occasional call to prayer, tolerance that has long been well established with Muslim migrants makes Nusa Penida own a villageitself led by a Muslim even though most of the population is Hindu.

Sakti village is the village that we are visiting at this time and was welcomed warmly by the local village perbekel led by I Ketut Partita. His appearance was quite millennial with cap hats and t-shirts and long sports trousersin particular.

Nusa Penida in general this is thanks to the regent who was approached by his representative who was familiarly greeted by the Mangku Kasta he is also a spiritual practitioner that we all believe influences the change in an area he leads to the industrial age of tourism becauseincessant festivals.

besides that which is held every year this Nusa Penida Festival (NPF) brings a big influence on the owners of big money .bali inspirasi


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