Peradi Denpasar Holds Advocate Special Education (PKPA) in Collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Udayana University

Bali Inspirasi.Peradi Denpasar Holds Advocate Special Education (PKPA) in Collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Udayana University.


7th March,2020- Denpasar – Bali –
Secretary of the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) National Board Juniver Girsang Hasanuddin Nasution said, in this Advocate Profession special education, it is necessary for people who deliver material to have competence and experience in certain fields related to the legal field.

So, the event is so that he can deliver educational material well when they graduate and become advocates they will become advocates who are reliable and have integrity. “Said. Hasanuddin Nasution.

According to Hasanuddin Nasution, his party is committed to how the PKPA education process maintains quality and integrity, meaning that the quality has competence as to how the substance is delivered in the education process but the most important thing is that from this education process births lawyers with integrity, “he explained.

“Apart from that, it has ethics so that it can benefit the nation and state, but do not cause legal problems when carrying out the profession,” Said. Hasanuddin Nasution.

Meanwhile, Head of Denpasar Branch of the Indonesian Advocates Association. I Wayan Purwitha, SH., MH once again held a Special Advocate Professional Education (PKPA) in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Udayana University (FH Unud). The fifth PKPA was attended by 37 prospective advocates.

Meanwhile, those present at the event were, Chairman of the Committee Dr. Ni Wayan Utami Martina, SH, MH in a press statement with the Dean of FH Unud Dr. I Made Arya Utama, SH., M.Hum, Secretary General of the Indonesian Advocates Association (DPN Peradi) National Board Hasanuddin Nasution, SH., MH., Chairperson of Denpasar DPC Peradi I Wayan Purwitha, SH., MH after the opening of PKPA to V at the Denpasar Faculty of Law building on Friday. March 6. 2020

It was said, “Umi Martina PKPA material is not only in accordance with the curriculum of the Peradi DPN, also included local material which is about the Customary Law of Bali, by presenting quality presenters from legal experts from FH Unud who are usually witnesses in court, legal practitioners from DPN Peradi and other active law enforcement officials such as judges, prosecutors and police. “He concluded.

“This, the choice of working with FH Unud, apart from being the only state university in Bali that has a law faculty, is also because FH Unud is accredited A (by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education),” said. Utami Martina.

“We, from the first PKPA to the fifth, continue to be the chairman of Paniti,” said.
Umi Martina.

“I hope that this education can take place as well as the education that we have done that is the previous four generations.” Clearly. The fifth head of the PKPA committee, Dr. Ni Wayan Umi Martina. SH.MH.

“So that they become students who later graduate to become advocates with integrity and reliability and become advocates who can devote themselves to Law and Truth,” Said, Umi Martina. bali inspirasi


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