One of the royal Bavarian specialities, brewed with special yeast strain, malted wheat and barley and the finest hops, according to the Royal family recipes.

 Jakarta, Januari 19th 2017 – Today, His Royal Highness (H.R.H) Prince Luitpold of Bavaria gives a look into the world of Royal Culinaries.  What is more than Bavaria? Royal Bavaria! In presence of H.R.H. Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, the modern way of true royal culinary will be celebrated at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.

Bavaria is the most famous and loved part of Germany. It is well-known because of his beautiful landscape and – above all – because of the beautiful castles, built by König (King) Ludwig II. Not many people know that König Ludwig was a connoisseur and his royal court kitchen was famous throughout Europe for his exquisite Bavarian cuisine and cellars. Consequently, the name König Ludwig became that attractive for excellent food and drinks. Prince Luitpold as well as his ancestor König Ludwig are members of the royal family Wittelsbach which ruled Bavaria for 738 years. No wonder, that this family shaped the typical Bavarian way of life for which Bavaria is famous and can be shared in each tavern, up to today.

Prince Luitpold wants “to take Indonesian connoisseurs on a stunning journey through excellence of Royal taste” on the start of a license cooperation with PT. Beverindo Indah Abadi (BIA). Their CEO, Mr. Thomas Dosy values the benefit of the brand from Bavaria as a “well-round off of our current offer and assortment, because of their strive for healthy products, pure and natural ingredients, however, not neglecting, a very good taste”.

With König Ludwig Weissbier, a truly Royal beer brands enters Indonesia. The Wittelsbach family started beer brewing already in 1260. Since then, they set milestone for the beer industry, valid until today, such as the Oktoberfest, or the beer garden. They owned the monopoly for wheatbeer brewing for 200 years until 1777. However, the most important foot print is the Bavarian Purity Enactment from 1516. The regulation according to which brewers were told to brew beer with hop, malt and water, only, is up to today binding for all German brewers. 500 years old, it is the world’s eldest existing food law. And BIA, brewing König Ludwig Weissbier has to follow these standards. This law – initially meant to protect people’s health – challenged brewers to come to excellence in taste variations and beer styles.

The Royal Bavarian Family’s traditional connection with brewing is continued today at Kaltenberg Castle by Prince Luitpold von Bayern, the great grandson of the last Bavarian King Ludwig III. His personal commitment to the brewing business and continuous emphasis on the quality consistency of his beers, have made all his beers to leading brands where-ever in the world they are brewed.

König Ludwig Weissbier – one of the royal Bavarian specialities, brewed with special yeast strain, malted wheat and barley and the finest hops, according to the family recipes. Due to the precise fermentation profile and long maturation period, this beer is very sparkling and refreshing, with a tight stable foam and is naturally cloudy with yeast.

König Ludwig International has more than 30 years experience in the licensing of know-how and brands. The company is controlled and managed by HRH Prince Luitpold von Bayern who handpicked finest international breweries as license partners in 15 international markets.

The rich and unique history is commitment to treat beers and brands in the same hones and passionate manner as the ancestors did in order to ensure best workmanship. Where-ever in the world, the beers are offered, they are of high-end quality and utmost taste. König Ludwig International feels obliged to work for a fine beer culture in all their markets. Benchmark is the solid position in the German home-market, where the brands are perceived as icons in their individual segments, since the first moment, they have been offered.

Beverindo Indah Abadi entered a license cooperation with König Ludwig International, a worldwide operating licensor for Royal Bavarian beverage brands. BIA is responsible for brewing König Ludwig Weissbier in Indonesia with the expertise from KLI and strictly using Royal Family recipe, only.

BIA and KLI tied up in order to fill a gap in Indonesia for premium specialty beer, whose brand and heritage attracts those beer drinkers, who love good taste, healthy ingredients and the unique Bavarian beer culture.

For information, please contact:

Anita Ratna Sari

Brand Manager of König Ludwig Weissbier

P: 62-81-1805 2950         

e: elleonore.anita@gmail.com




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