SANUR MOSTLY JAZZ FESTIVAL THEMED “BHINNEKA TUNGGAL IKA” To be held from 14-16 July 2017 at Griya Santrian a Beach Resort & Spa

DENPASAR, July 2017… Held for the first time ever, Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival presents the inaugural jazz festival by the beach for all musicians and jazz lovers in Indonesia. Themed Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, this festival will bring the message of unity in diversity.

Griya Santrian Group and Sanggar Musik Indra Lesmana has officially set the dates for the inaugural Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival, which will be held on 14-16 July 2017 at Griya Santrian Hotel beach area, Sanur Bali.

A number of musicians that will perform on the 2 stages during the 2 days and dawn event among them are Balawan, Dewa Budjana Zentuary, Indra Lesmana Surya Sewana, Idang Rasjidi, Ito Kurdhi Chemistry, and Koko Harsoe Trio.
Other artists include Mergie Segers, Nancy Ponto, Nesia Ardi, Oele Pattiselano Trio, Sandhy Sondoro, Sandy Winarta Trio, Tohpati, and Yuri Mahatma Quartet. Several young musicians will also display their talent at this festival, which is hoped to become an annual event.

This festival is initiated by three figures that support jazz development in Bali, musician couple, Indra Lesmana and Hon Lesmana, and young hospitality entrepreneur Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta Putra or better known as Gusde.

The Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival, aside from celebrating 48 performances of Mostly Jazz at Griya Santrian Hotel, also provides opportunity for young talents already studying in the Center, Sanggar Musik Indra Lesmana, or musicians to perform as well and collaborate across art to develop a new community through jazz music.

Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival is part of the Sanur village and community character that is open and welcoming, thus the performance is set on a stage by the beach. The magical and ecological force of the beach has inspired Sanur Mostly Jazz existence and will become the underlying spirit throughout the festival. Respects to nature and environmental activities are also an important part of the event.

Indra Lesmana says the Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival program outlines a “Creative Music and art Festival”. This means, the festival provides creative space for cross dimension artists, traditional or modern, which will produce innovative works.

As the main attraction, Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival will present a sunrise jazz music performance. According to Indra, based on his experience attending other jazz festivals, this program is the first of its kind. He says further, that Sanur is world famous, even former Indian prime minister Nehru praises the beautiful Sanur sunrise or “Sanur morning of the world”.

For that, Indra has prepared the jazz concept “Surya Sewana” to welcome the morning of the world in Sanur through jazz music. Surya Sewana composition adopts the activity of sulinggih or high priests of Hindu in Bali that continuously pray for the universe, at sunrise to ensure peace and blessings.

While Gusde, who is the chairman of Sanur Village Festival (SVF), says this festival is in conjunction with the upcoming Sanur Village Festival from 9-13 August. Thematically, Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival is similar and is the official opening event for the Sanur Village Festival 2017.

Further according to Gusde, jazz lovers and community can expect a grander musical program and art performance on SVF stage. Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival is hoped to highlight the meaning of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. We understand the country condition at present, and through jazz we hope to bring together and unite in love and caring for other people, he added.

Inheriting the creative, interactive and collaborative jazz spirit, Gusde hopes this musical moment can bring optimism towards better changes through the music perspective. Such as jazz improvising, this festival hopes to inspire life not only at a small social level but also a bigger scope: the public and state.

“From a tourism perspective, this event correlates with tourism life which is a daily part of the Bali community in general and Sanur specifically. We hope this jazz festival can enhance already existing activities and contribute to bring in many jazz lovers from the world to Bali,” adds Gusde Sidharta who is also the chairman of Denpasar tourism board or Badan Promosi Pariwisata Daerah (BPPD) Kota Denpasar.

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