SANUR VILLAGE FESTIVAL 2017 Bringing to life the ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ spirit

DENPASAR, July 2017… Sanur Village Festival (SVF) XII will be held on August 9-13 2017 at Maisonette, Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur.

This year, SVF will be presented in a festival awakening format by bringing to life, generating and spreading the nation unity, as stated in the Indonesia’s slogan: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or unity in diversity.

The chairman of Sanur Village Festival Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta Putra claims the theme selection of SVF answers the current condition in Indonesia, and help drive state elements to understand the differences within Indonesia’s diverse environment, of their ethnic, language, religion, and culture.

“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is an important part of the moral movement that should be continually announced in line with SVF’s basic theme for the last 12 years, the new spirit of heritage,” says Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta Putra or better known as Gusde.

Resounding the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is part of the effort to bring to life the awareness, where SVF and their programs attempt to create an “awareness festival” by sending out the positive messages of unity.

The spirit of unity in diversity is expected to generate a good vibration for each actor in elevating their life. This life energy is rooted in the moral values mentioned in the bible of Sutasoma by Mpu Tantular that dictates high empathy for each individual in the state and country living.

According to Gusde, similar to festivals before, aside fom music, the main stage also presents artistic cultural art and other performances that will entertain the festival visitors while enjoying various food and drinks from the food bazar. All these program designs are presented in a Indonesian theme.

“Togetherness and happiness is understanding that the diversity will be reflected in the stage witnessed by thousands on viewers. Therefore, we always try to present the best entertainment,” says Gusde.

Further, according to Gusde who is chairman of PHRI and Badan Promosi Pariwisata Kota Denpasar, SVF is no longer exclusively owned by sanur community, but has become the pride of all those who support promotion efforts. SVF publication is known at the national and international level and is one of the destinations visited by domestic and international tourist aside from the communities in Denpasar and surrounding.

This togetherness and ownership spirit has made SVF into a communal activity that provides real benefits to the public and coastal community and surrounding. Sanur’s creativity, motivation and innovation spirit will continue to be developed to maintain social cultural norms that are good.


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