Silence Day at Fashion Hotel Legian

Bali Inspirasi.Enjoy Silence Day at the Legian Hotel Fashion-


The Caka New Year 2020,which falls on March 25th, has an exotic and mystical Balinese nuance with a variety of cultural activities such as ‘ogoh-ogoh parade’ in the night before the Silence Day.

Silence becomes a deep inspiration as communication to the universe, this is the right time for self-reflection and thinking of something new as a new year.

The Fashion Hotel is located in the center of the lively crowd in the silence of the Silence Day this time.

“There is always something new after the Silence Day, as a form of self-reflection on the universe and a cultural in Bali.” said Manager of Fashion Hotel in Legian Kuta, Erwin Rachman.8th March-2020.bali inspirasi


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