The Blanco Museum is a place where you can savor Balinese life in motion, with a visit to the family temple or stroll through the gardens. Everywhere there are touches of Don Antonio Blanco’s life and energy. The artist’s studio remained undisturbed, the unfinished painting still on the sunken easel. Women wander through the garden, in traditional Balinese costume carrying offerings, some making the offerings in the courtyard. These offerings are made out of palm leaves and delicate flowers and are used in the Blanco’s family temple. Visitors to the museum can experience the true Balinese life along with a Blanco family member as a guide, providing a personal tour of the museum and grounds.

The Blanco museum embodies Don Antonio Blanco’s life and dreams. Built next to his former home on the enchanting hilltop, next to the scared river of Campuan Ubud since December 28th 1998. The Blanco Museum exudes a rococo charm. Many streams of Balinese life converge in this extraordinary building, as the museum site continues to represents a convergence of western architecture and Balinese Philosophy seen through the eyes of the Maestro.

Blanco built the museum to commemorate his love for Bali, to house his important works and those that has helped and inspired him throughout his life. It is built on 20,000 square meters of land in accordance with precepts of the Hindu faith. The three storeys are symbolic of Balinese faith, and it represents the Upper, Middle and lower worlds, where God, man and demon all have a rightful place. Hence, the topmost floor of the museum houses the artist’s most esoteric works.

The Museum is guarded by two massive mythical stone dragons with a fountain in front of the entrance, as an emissary of the waves of the sea, interconnecting the whole cosmos. A huge green Italian marble archway in 15 meters height fronts the entrance steps, which was designed by the Maestro himself as the museum logo, made by duplicating the maestro’s signature in vertical line.

The stairs leading to the museum, where the archway stands, has 15 steps exactly like the height of the archway, 15th is the date of birth of the maestro. Each floor of the museum has 9 pillars, which is symbolic for the month of birth of the maestro. Above the museum, there are 2 pairs of ears; Don Antonio Blanco believes that, should he and his wife depart from this world, these ears would allow him and his wife to hear all critics of every one who visits.

Each storey of the museum has a pair of stairs symbolizing all duality in the material world. The second storey of the museum represents the Middle world. It is here that Don Antonio Blanco’s poetry is conserved.

While visiting the museum, please take a walk to the other side of building. The Renaissance Museum provides complete facilities to the journey of arts. Here you can find the studio where Maestro Blanco used to work now the workspace his son Mario Blanco. The gallery which displays Mario’s work of art, a gift shop, a library, a café, an amphitheatre and the Blanco family temple.



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