The Empathy Power by Kim Women Centre at Ubud Bali

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Ibu Sari, who meet up with the press conference at Dapur Alam Resto at bypass Sanur street road on saturday April 4, 2020, was raining while talking and drinking tea or coffee.” Seeing the current situation many things are overlooked including the community of people who are neglected, this requires our hearts to be more sensitive in seeing the situation around the people around us. Closing yourself is not a solution at this time, this is mostly due to various factors of daily life, whether it’s the environment or custom. Hopefully noble in Bali, of course, for various groups who have more empathy from the heart to care for others who are experiencing adversity. Sharing is a beautiful thing in the current situation, “she said.

Bali as a destination that has an exotic universe is a means of contemplation of nature and the universe.”KIM WOMEN’S CENTRE

”I’ve learnt how to make myself happy no matter whatever my situation was. Only you can control your happiness. My early training taught me to believe in the five K’s: kebersamaan (togetherness), kepedulian (caring), kerukunan (harmony), kepercayaan (trust) and kasih sayang (love).”

”Through our different programs, we are able to empower our women to live a more independent life!”


Ibu Sari as Founder of KIM Women’s Centre

Ibu Sari dedicated her life to helping vulnerable woman and children in Bali after her own experience of going through a divorce and not being allowed to see her daughter for 12 years.  Regardless of the circumstances of divorce in Bali, it is very difficult for women to be accepted back into their communities and rebuild a life afterward. Suffering severe depression Ibu Sari decided to turn her adversity around and went back to school.

While in school to become a teacher, Ibu Sari heard of many other woman’s difficulties and decided to start KIM Women’s Centre to help other’s overcome similar challenges she had experienced. She noticed not many people talk about these kinds of difficulties so Ibu Sari made it her mission to help women become healthier in mind, body, and spirit while bringing emotional and financial stability into their lives. After finishing school Ibu Sari became the headmaster of Sari Hati school for mentally disabled children.


Ibu Sari has a vision for KIM Women’s centre and needs continued support to help fund the projects they offer. The centre runs several programs teaching women to sew, cook, do yoga and integrate back into the community.bali inspirasi



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