The Hub Sanur “Bartender Competition” PT. Kurnia Mitra Duta Sentosa together with UD. Prima Jaya held Monin Cup 2018 in Bali

PT. Kurnia Mitra Duta Sentosa, sole importer of Monin product together with UD. Prima Jaya held an event of Monin’s Monin Cup in Bali, held at The Hub, Sanur on July 5, 2018. The competition aims to select the best bartenders in Bali who will represent Bali in the final of Monin Cup Infonesia in Jakarta in August upcoming. Steve as UD Development Manager. Prima Jaya Bali conveyed “This event is our first time in Bali to select the young bartenders of Bali who will then send to Jakarta to follow Monin Cup Indonesia where the winner will represent Indonesia for Monin competition in Asian level. We also hope that through this competition will be able to improve the skills, knowledge and creativity of the bartenders in Bali “.

There are 19 participants who are the best young bartenders in Bali who competed in this event. They are fighting for a ticket to be able to follow the Monin Cup final in Jakarta, where Bali get one place in the final without having to follow the preliminary round again. This makes the competition even more exciting, because the participants must be able to present a delicious cocktail and with a good presentation to be able to amaze the judges who are the Professional Mixology including Agung Yoga (President of Asia Bartender Association Indonesia Chapter), Bayu Wisesa (Champion Diageo World Class Indonesia 2013), Arey Barker (Champion Diageo World Class Indonesia 2014) and also attend the ambassadors of Monin South Asia Region, Jason Soon who became Head Judges at this event.

The excellent performance of the participants made this competition very interesting to the audience and finally gave birth to the champion which is the choice of the jury to represent Bali in August I Gede Mas Agung Satria Wibawa (Fins Beach Club), and for the best position 2 and 3 achieved by:

2nd Place: I Gede Bacudewa Krisna Virgantara (Ayana Resort & SPA)
3rd Place: I Wayan Wira Susana (Ayana Resort & SPA)

At the Press Conference, Agung Yoga as President of ABA Indonesia conveyed “I hope the winner of this competition will be able to bring the name of Bali at the national level, and able to show the world of international bartender that Bali has Bartender with Skill & Knowledge ability equivalent to the outside bartender . Hope the future, hopefully this competition can continue to be held every year so as to inspire the bartenders to continue to hone his skills so as to improve the quality of human resources (Human Resources), especially in the field of bartender “.

The event is also supported by The Hub as the venue for the event, Smirnoff Vodka, Captain Morgan Rum, Squeeze Juice, Uber Bar Tools, Red Bull and The Bar Times. In addition, this event is also supported by two associations of bartenders in Indonesia namely the Indonesian Bartender Association (HBI) and the Asia Bartender Association (ABA)


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