The Taste Of North Korean Drinks in Bali

Bali Inspirasi.In KUTA – Bali, a new korean soju is familiar about a year ago. On the market, these distillated rice drinks contain 4 percent to 19.5 percent alcohol content.

If you consume a little soju it will warm the body, but it will also be intoxicating if you drink too much. so, it is not recommended to consume large quantities of soju.

“There are several trademarks available on the market. here we provide, Lemon Baram Soju with lower alcohol content, Baram ori and Sevendays which contain alcohol 19.5 percent, “explained Business Manager of Bali Karaoke Diva Gede Putra, Saturday (03/23/2019).

for Soju connoisseurs, said Gede Putra, there are separate ways to taste the taste of North Korean drinks. First, you can mix it with skim milk fermented drinks which are sold in the market.

or it could be the plural ‘submarine’, that is, one small shot of Soju is put into a beer glass that has been filled with half a glass of beer.

“Not mixed directly with the beer, but put the glass in a glass or commonly called ‘submarine’,” explained Gede Putra.

there is a different sensation of enjoying Soju by ‘submarine’. Gede Putra added, Soju became one of the beverages offered to visitors to the singing house they manage.

“We publish a bottle of Soju Rp 150 thousand, quite cheap compared to other places. soju is one of our mainstay beverages menu, “said Gede Putra.

Soju is served in cold conditions but not mixed with ice cubes. If served in warm temperatures, the bitter taste will be felt on the tongue.bali inspirasi.


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