Mario Blanco is no stranger to the art-world of Indonesia. The demand for his work continues to escalate, catching the spot light as one of Indonesia’s most favorable young talent.

Mario Blanco, the second child of the famous artist was born in UBUD – Bali on the 4th July 1962. He has been surrounded by art since his childhood. The elder Blanco invited very early the young Mario to share his great enthusiasm for art in his studio in Campuan. Mario Painted his first oil at the young age of five and later chose to study art academically in 1983 at the University of Udayana in Denpasar where he successfully graduated.

Inevitably, Mario has inherited two different cultural origins. His Spanish Father introduced him to the European techniques of art. His mother Ni Ronji, a famous Balinese dancer, gave him the native artistic sense and an opportunity to dwell in the ancient arts and cultures of the Heavenly Island. Mario has certainly developed that intensively. His paintings express a preference for impressionism.

Being the son of the “Fabulous Blanco”, Mario faces a strong challenge. We can see from his artworks that he is trying to distance himself from his father artistically. He expressed his talent in elaborated landscapes and still-lives. It emerges an admirable vision of Balinese philosophy and atmosphere. As an artist Mario Blanco never received any direction from his father. But he vividly remembers his father’s artistic spirit & charisma and how it had inspired him immensely. Inspiration and close observation were leading Mario to create and develop his own style, his own dimensions and expressions.

Mario’s inspiration came when he was younger and had enjoyed automotive racing, he had a chance to witness nature’s greatness and God’s creation, both small and big. He

started off expressing art through panoramic landscapes and now stepping into more religious and meaningful objects. Mario has had an opportunity to interact with people from different religious background while he was growing up. He observed that even with religious differences each religion uses the same medium in honoring God. As a Hindu, he has great interest using flowers, fruits, teapots to express his visions. Flowers, fruits, teapots, are all used in most religious ceremonies, in religions even other than Hinduism. Mario feels that people have forgotten and taken for granted of little things in life, which we should be grateful for, through his paintings he is able to remind us that all creation of God should be honored and preserved.

As been said before, Mario Blanco’s passion for art developed at a very early age. He proved himself by having his first solo art exhibit at the tender age of 7 in the Grand Bali Beach Hotel (Sanur, Bali). In 1992, he had another chance for a solo exhibition at Bakrie Building, Kuning, Jakarta. In 1985, Mario had another exhibition together with another artist at the Oberoi Hotel Seminyak and many more after that.

After a few years he became one of the “Asian Youth Painters” and took part in an exhibition in “National Singapore Museum” He was delegated as one of Indonesia’s Young Artist. He also joined Jakarta Design Center 8-10 May 2003. In May 2003, Mario Blanco received an official recognition from Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI), for having paintings with the most unique frames. Now, Mario’s art works are collections of collectors around the world ; Singapore, Jakarta, Australia, Japan and Europe.

During Don Antonio Blanco’s life he was known for his passion to express beauty through the anatomy of the female body in different expressions in erotic-surrealism and romantic expressionism. Mario admitted his preference to express his art through Impressionism, using subjects which have profound meanings in Balinese culture such as ‘nature and pureness’ in subjects such as flowers, fruits, animals and birds.



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