THERE IS NO PLANET B The Trans Resort Baliand Rotary Club Bali Seminyak Join Hands to Celebrate Earth Day by Planting Tree

Bali,23April2018–The increasing number of tourists coming to Bali every year is
positively affecting the growth of economy as well as the infrastructure.As new
shopping centers,hotels,and cafes continue to be built,continuing to value green area
in Baliis vital.People live in Bali must anticipate theim pacts from the development by
preserving the natural environment,which is one of the Balinese main principles of“Tri
Hita Karana”(harmony among people,harmony with nature,and harmony with God),
striving to conserve the nature and promote the sustainability and balance of the
To celebrate the Earth Day,this year The Trans Resort Bali together with Rotary Club Bali
Seminyak join hands to plant four varieties of trees which are:Ancak Tree(Hemandia
Pellata)that is commonly use dinsacred Balinese ceremonies,the beautiful Jatropha
Flower Plant(Jatropha Panduri folio),the Bread Flower Plant(Vallaris Glabra)that is
famous of its fragrant,and Cabbage Palm(Cordyline Australis)that could grow up to20
meter stall.
Being strategically located in the heart of lively Seminyak and the main Sunset Road,it is
important forThe Trans Resort Bali to maximize the green area to create natural air filter
and protect natural eco system.Inaddition,there sort also has its own nursery area
which supply the tropical garden around there sort.Environmental sustainability efforts
are not only initiated during the Earth Day,it is proven with environment management
system program suchas:
– Energy&Water Conservation:re-cycleandre-usewastewater,theuse of LED
lamps,Low Flow Faucet sand Shower Heads,etc.- Waste Management: water water treatment,green choice program,etc.
– Actively doing corporate social responsibility program:Soap for Hope(recycling
used hotel soap),Blood Donation,Beach Cleaning,etc.
“Environmental sustainability is everyone’sconcerned,and it is the Rotary International
slogan this year of making a difference.By planting trees,it helps us to improving quality
of life from the benefit sof green space.”Said Mr.Alexander Jovanovic–as the General
Manager of The Trans Resort Bali and the President of Rotary Club Bali Seminyak 2017
–2018 before planting the Ancak Tree with his own hands.As theonly English-speaking
club in Bali,Rotary Club Bali Seminyak have been very active in a wide range of humanity
projects here in Bali and around Indonesia,such as giving scholarship,building houses,
providing water filters for Mount Agung refugees,and partner with The Trans Resort Bali
tore-cycle used hotel soap.


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