Tri Sakti Legong Dance “The Symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva”

The creation Tri Sakti Legong Dance is an idea of cultivating Legong Dance creations. This dance is a form of understanding Hinduism associated with Tri Sakti, a portrait symbol of God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The idea of this dance was a challenge for dance creator Nyoman Suarsa to realize a claim of dance into a performance art which may attract the interest of the entire Balinese people.

“The original idea was conceived by a wife of the Minister of Cooperatives and UMKM, namely Mrs. Bintang Puspaoga who is also the Chairman of WHDI of Bali Province to create a dance performance entitled Tri Sakti Legong Dance” Nyoman Suarsa said, Saturday (7/2) amongst Tri Sakti Legong Dance contest at the 27th Anniversary of WHDI at Cultural Service Office of Denpasar.

Further, it was said that Tri Sakti Legong Dance cultivation takes a full month without eliminating the rules of the existing Legong dance in Bali a all. In pacjaging the dance, it is also supported by the Denpasar government through the Department of Culture by holding a workshop to socialize Tri Sakti Legong dance motion so as to proceed to the contest.

Suarsa also explained that thus Tri Sakti Legong Dance is danced by three dancers who are able to provide an overview of the presence of Tri Sakti namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in the teachings of Hinduism.

From cultivation of the dance to the costumes has been created in such a way. Dancers and costumes cannot be separated from the rules of Legong dance and given a touch of color differences on the clothes, crown, until the fan. Therefore the appearance of the three Tri Sakti Legong dancers have different colors of clothes which are very eye catching, namely red color symbolizes Brahma, White symbolizes Shiva and black color symbolizes Vishnu.

Besides, in the accessories section lamak costume of the dancers are also given a touch of ornament creations with weapons that are tailored to each character of Tri Sakti Legong Dance. “Principally from the cultivation of dancing until the clothes of the dancers have adapted with the theme of Tri Sakti Legong dance depicting Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Suarsa said. So, young generation as well as communities who dance this dancing are expected to improve the understanding of Hinduism teachings through the messages conveyed in Tri Sakti Legong Dance.

Furthermore Nyoman Suarsa also explained that Tri Sakti Legong Dance is expected to add a repertoire of Balinese culture through the creation of dance, which certainly cannot be separated from the commitment made Denpasar city as a city of culture supported by the creation of art annually. Suarsa also said that the idea of Mrs. Bintang Puspayoga would also be disseminated to all WHDI all over Bali to further promote Tri Sakti Legong Dance to Balinese people. “Thus, it will not be performed or danced in Denpasar City only, but all Balinese community can perform and dance this dance so it can be inherited by young generation in improving the understanding of Hinduism teachings in the midst of advanced information technology nowadays, “he said. IKAW



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