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Bali Inspirasi.Denpasar-Bali,friday-15May2020-Virtual Event by Phenom Event Indonesia

www.phenomevent.com Afternoon coffee at Magendra Coffee Resto is very nice time ,talk about Event ,lets get inspire to create.Bali as a world destination center that is still trusted by various countries. Event is the basic of all entertainment and various celebrations, this time Phenom Event Indonesia which has been in Indonesia since 2006 maximizes the “Virtual Event”as strategy in dealing with the current pandemic situation.

“Virtual Events actually already exist in several other countries, of course, and this is nothing new. As a creativity, Phenom Event Indonesia is able to change the concept ofline to online segment with various advantages globally, being able to reach various countries as a separate success in an event.

Various event activities can also be used as virtual events, such as weddings, music concerts, exhibitions, product launches, seminars, etc. as they have been there so far.

As a ‘new normaly’, creativity is now the solution to existing events. ” said Winda as an event staff at the Phenom Event Indonesia when meet by reporters at Magendra Coffee Lounge which is also an area of ​​the management of the Phenom Event Indonesia office in Bali, precisely on TekumarBarat street.


Magendra Coffee which serves a variety of quality Indonesian coffees that can be enjoyed as inspiration.

The ‘new normaly’ are currently a challenge to creativity to the maximize, so that it can become a trend that flows as a lifestyle.bali inspirasi


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