Visnoe’s Special Menu To Promote Healthy Seafood Dining

Denpasar, July 2016… Indonesia has vast coastal area and rich seafood
harvest. Visnoe, located at Jalan Pelabuhan Benoa No. 2 Pesanggaran
Junction, Bali serves best export quality fish that tantalizes the taste

Featuring their tagline “healthy fish for the nation children,” founder of
Visnoe I Gusti Arya Ameri Eman Himawan S.T. opens the chance for seafood
culinary fans, especially the younger generation, to enjoy the Indonesia’s
very own seafood.

This is in line with Visnoe’s commitment to actively participate in the
love eating fish movement (Gerakan Memasyarakatkan Makan Ikan / GEMARI)
established by the Minister of Coastal and Fishery aimed to improve and
promote national fish consumption in Indonesia.

The love for nutritious food, such as fish, is extremely beneficial, in
terms of improving intelligence and physical health. A healthy, smart and
strong nation will create make Indonesia become the Tiger of Asia.

Fish has always been known for its nutritious purposes, among them the
Omega 3 ingredient. Thus, the fish is named “smart food” thanks to its
double unsaturated fat that stimulates brain cell growth and development.

The love of fish means also utilizing and appreciating our nation’s
seafood. Especially where the nutrition quality is equal to beef or
poultry. With reasonable prices, the fish dishes at Visnoe is suited to any

The secret to Visnoe menus is the delicious taste, both for the Indonesian
and international style cuisine, processed using olive oil, no replacement
fat oil or MSG. The Fresh Fish of the Day program serves fresh fish caught
and cooked on the same date.

The fish is efficiently processed using its entire cutting size. All menus
using meat or bone, such as the marrow bone, neck, stomach, that was
disposed of previously, can now be enjoyed at Visnoe. With meticulous
preparation, the parts are developed into an exotic and delectable dish.

Another secret of Visnoe dishes is its two style inspiration, Nusantara or
Indonesian recipes and Japanese recipes. The classic recipes are reinvented
using healthy fish ingredients. Two among them are the signature menu,
black fish soup / Rawon Tuna and oxtail style / Sup Buntut Maguro.

There is also the limited edition menu, Mak Jumbo, which has only five
portions served daily and the swordfish processed a la pork belly or
samchan. The cooking method is similar, but using a healthier ingredient,
which is fish.

Another limited edition menu, Mak Sumsum, is only served from fish that
weighs more than 100 kilograms. The fish bone marrow contains collagen and
high concentrate of folic acid, a natural anti-ageing ingredient.

For kids under 10 years old, Visnoe offers a “free sashimi” program for
Tuna Maguro or Swordfish. These program and activities is Visnoe
management’s effort to support the Indonesian Department of Coastal and
Fishery to create a smart generation through consuming quality fish from
local seas.


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