Wuling Comunity in Bali has Declared and Suporting Destination Sustainable for Turism

Bali Inspirasi.Bali-Indonesia,Bali has a variety of communities that are very varied until now, this is due to the growing interest in togetherness in a healthy community.


Tourism as the main destination for foreign or domestic guests is able to see the diversity of communities that are always interesting to watch. This time Wizzela Management which is engaged in tourism and destinations totally sponsors and simultaneously supports the Wuling community in Bali. With the declaration of this Wuling community, each member has a mission and vision that supports each other until the creation of togetherness and harmony in a brotherly and kindship manner.


Togetherness of Wuling Comunity Bali

With the tagline “one comunity one family”, the Wuling community in Bali was declared on 1 December 2019 in Batuan Resto in the gianyar area, bali.


“With the experience of various communities that have been formed before, this Wuling Community is thought to be a special privilege in addition to the various advantages of Wuling itself as a trip to travel, or with family to enjoy this exotic Bali.” Said Anggela as Wizzela Management who moves in the field of tourism as well as promoting various beauty destinations in Bali and its surroundings, which are none other than Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and even for the foreseeable future also Lombok which is no less attractive as a leading destination.


Thus the formation of the Wuling community accompanied by a declaration of togetherness in a brotherhood.” In the future Wuling Community Bali there will be a variety of social activities as a concern for others and around which is a tangible proof of the positive activity of Wuling Comunity in Bali Island,its an Island of God ,and Island of Paradise ,and too its an Island of Love”said Anggela.bali inspirasi


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